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How does the pats beat NYG's nascar package?

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    Re: How does the pats beat NYG's nascar package?

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    on third and 7+ nyg lined up four speedy DEs in front - L to R: jpp, tuck, tollefson, osi. it was very effective against the niners, who converted 1-13 on third down. what are the different things that nwe could do to beat that? btw... at 9:55 in the third, sf had 3rd and 8, osi's hand was tight at the level of the ball and he was not flagged for offside. it sure helped him get close to smith pretty quickly.
    Posted by seattlepat70

    Clearly the gints have become accustomed to getting every possible break from the refs. We can't be making it easy for them by committing stupid penalties.

    One thing we can do is get the running game going and stick to it.
    Having Polite in the backfield will help with protection and having Vollmer and Solder as eligible receivers should make the front 4 think twice before teeing off on every down.