How is this different that 2007?

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    How is this different that 2007?

    Pats in 2007...  undefeated and, at that time, blew away a number of NFL team scoring records as it scorched the NFL.

    In 2013, the Broncos torched the Pats scoring records, but, did not go undefeated. Both teams were the #1 seeds in the AFC.

    Going into this game, how is it there appears to be more support, but a majority still lean Denver's way, for a possible Pats win in Denver when in 2007 hardly anyone picked the Pats to lose the AFCCG in 2007?  If the roles were reversed, and the Pats accomplished what Denver did this season, I believe there would be a lot of incredulous comments here about how anyone could pick Denver to defeat the Pats in the Razor.


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