How many kids will Brady have!

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    How many kids will Brady have!

    Something to laugh about. For someone who said he didn't want any more children Tom Brady is on #2 with women #2!!! Is he gonna be the milleniums next Shawn Kemp??? How many kids did Kemp end up with, I think in half of the NBA cities, lol. As much as Tom got around early in his career he could have 3 or 4 we don't know about... Got ya thinking yet? Was reading about his soon to be NEXT child and it made me wonder just how many children he really has and will end up with, lol. Way too go Tom, you're my hero plus spreading your seed like the winner of the Kentucky Derby. Wait, don't they get paid for the sperm donor from prize horses? And Tom has been just that, a prize horse planting his seed in beautiful wealthy women. Nice side income, how much for each fertilization, mid-7 figures, lol. Well guys have fun reading into my preason joke, and thank God Tom is back...
    SealedDwayne Milne, Rapid City, SD. formerly of Gloucester.
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    Re: How many kids will Brady have!

    The answer to your question is: WHO CARES????

    A more puzzling question is this: Did your mother ever have any kids who LIVED?