how many open spots?

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    how many open spots?

    I think the following players are locks to make the roster for round 1. the rest are on the bubble


    QB x2
    Brady, Hoyey

    WR x3

    OL x 9
    Vollmer,Neal,Light,Le Voir,Kaczur,Ohrenberger,Mankin,Koppen,Connelly

    RB x2
    Maroney, Faulk


    DE/DL x 5

    LB x6
    Mayo,Guyton,Banta Cain, Alexander,Mc Kenzie,Ninkovicw

    CB x 4

    S x 4

    Special Teams x3

    Long snapper x1

    Kicker/Punters x1

    IR X 1

    So IMOA we have 40 locks without our draftees and what i consider on the bubble player

    13 spots up for competiton with RB TE Punter be
     key needs
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    Re: how many open spots?

    I agree with most of your list because many of them obvious but I think there are even more spots open for because the following guys I would slide over to the bubble side: 
    Koppen (Pats need to upgrade a Center badly and he has a high base salary)
    Maroney (trade bait)
    Alexander (I'd prefer Woods better on special teams)
    Ninkovich (depends on how many development guys are drafted)
    Wheatly (I think he gets another year but hes def. not a lock)
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    Re: how many open spots?

    I agree that we need an upgrade at center and do not let the door hit Kaczur on the way out either. I wonder what draft pick or what type of player can we get for Maroney.
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    Re: how many open spots?

    If the Pats enter the season with Maroney as their "top" back, you can forget about the SB or maybe the playoffs, as well.