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How many??

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    Re: How many??

    Nobody can understand what his theory is with a defensive backfield anymore. The success he had in the 2004 season with a patched up secondary really seems to have implanted itself into all his rational about DB's. Surely he can't forget that he had a great safety in Rodney Harrison back there holding everything together and he had a great front 7 with linebackers Bru and Vrabel at their peak and Willie Mac setting the edge and getting pressure and a monster inside in Ted Johnson. He has none of that now but still seems to want a patched up secondary full of recycled rubbish,draft busts in a league that is more pass happy than ever.
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    How many??

    After the news this week of L Boddn then Ras I many thought the pats would even come close???WHAT IS BB DOING??????????????????