I just watched the Colt/Texan game and I feel a lot better now. Here's a few things I noticed;
  • The Texans had 10 defensive penalties????? They kept the colts offense in drives too much. This was a big part of why they lost this game.
  • The Colt CB Lacey(sp) is going to get lit up by TB, he really didn't stop anything the Texans threw at him.
  • Shaub made some really bad decisions, TB won't make that mistake.
  • The Texans got pretty good pressure on Manning all game and sacked him a few times.
  • I didn't see tons of pressure on Shaub, TB should get the time he needs for the quick slants and screens.
  • Indy couldn't put it away in the red zone. Manning moved it well, especially to the out routes. These will be almost impossible to stop but if they follow suit with what the Texans did in the red zone they can hold them to a FGA.
  • The Pats need to mix it up and disguise a single blitzer, if they can get someone coming in unblocked this O line won't pick it up. Don't bring the farm because Manning will kill you but sneak in one Kamikaze from different spots at key times to keep him guessing. BTW- You thought LM danced, his happy feet were going nuts this game. 
I'm sure UD will be heard from soon but I can tell you one thing, if they play the way they did against the Texans this week the Pats are going to crush them!