How to save Pro Football

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    How to save Pro Football

    NFL Pro Football is dying! The question is what can be done to save it?
    Obviously not the Refs! They are killing the game! Too legalistic! 
    Any one who has played sports knows you need to let the players determine the game and not the Refs. These stupid 40 yard passes just to get a penalty flag 
    are horrendous!! They are just another form of steriods! They juice the game. They favor the offense! This is a game where people get hurt. It's unfortunate but it's the nature of the game. The NFL is trying to eliminate this from the sport through the Refs. The legalization of Pro Football is ruining the league. It will also open the door for a new league because fan will continue to be disenchanted by Refs stealing the game!
    Perhaps the NFL should consider a couple of options:

    A) Only give 15 yard penalty for pass interference instead of those goofy 40 yards pass interference calls where they place the ball ends up being placed on the one yard line! Peyton Manning has made his living off this stupid penalty! The great WR's like Jerry Rice or John Stallworth will always find a way to catch the ball. This rule was put in place by the owners to increase scoring but it is damaging the game!

    B) Get really tough on steriods with players! If your caught your out for for the whole season period! This has a lot to do with players getting so unnaturally big.

    C) Let the players go home in the offseason! They report July 1st of each year.  Spring Mini camps only for Rookies. Training year round breeds players that too big and powerful. 

    I'd rather see ten players on defense that are allowed to play the game than the way it is right now! The way it is now, Lawrence Taylor would get a flag every time he touched the QB. Taylor was one of the greatest player ever. A game changer! A dinosaur in today's NFL. He would be considered too rough.

    As for roughing the QB, perhaps the Ref's could huddle and arrive at a fair penalty. Sometimes QBs are just getting brushed by a D end and it's a 15 yd penalty or a automatic first down! maybe the should have the lee way to call it a 5 yd penalty or something more severe if it is a really late hit on a QB. something fair but without making the call a real game changer!

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    Re: How to save Pro Football

    I can't really argue with you when it comes to the refs. The game has definitely been made to help offensive players, and it is certainly annoying many football fans. The game is becoming less rough and the refs can change a game because of the slightest tap. On just about every play there is a possible penalty somewhere, and they should just go with the old school "Let em' play" philosophy imo.

    However, I do understand where the league is coming from. With all the older players suing the league because the league hasn't done enough to help them with injuries, they want to prevent the injuriesin the first place. They also want to protect the game's stars, so that more people will watch the games and the league will make money. Most fair weather fans watch the game to see offense, and that's who the NFL wants to target. They know the die hards will watch no matter what, so the fair weather fans are targeted for money making purposes. The penalties are mainly there to keep offenses scoring and the game moving.

    Also, they did have the lee way call you were talking about on face masks. There was the minimal five yard penalty, and then the more severe 15 yard penalty. I think they made it an automatic 15 because it can be such a dangerous play they want to prevent that.

    However, I would love to see the pass interference penalty changed up a bit. I think a 15 yard penalty would be fine, instead of a team being able to move 50 yards down field because a player tapped Reggie Wayne on the shoulder.

    Overtime needs to change as well. There's already another topic on that floating around so I wont touch that.