How would Patriots Nation like an owner like Jerry Jones?

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    Re: How would Patriots Nation like an owner like Jerry Jones?

    I'll keep Kraft obviously, but New England has had WAY worse owners than Jones. Jones looks like a Mensa member next to the Sullivan clan and Victor Kiam.

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    Re: How would Patriots Nation like an owner like Jerry Jones?

    In response to DeadAhead's comment:


    In response to kelvana33's comment:

    In response to DeadAhead's comment:

    He's one of the worst owners in the league.  He wants to win, but doesn't know how. He's Al Davis pre-senile years.

    These older owners don't get the cap.  It's why Jimmy Johnson quit.


    NFL insituted a salary cap in 1994.


    Jimmy Johnson quit as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 1993.

    Jimmy Johnson did not quit the Cowboys becuse of Jerry not being able to handle a salary cap.

    1993, not 1994. Get your facts straight before trying to come in here an challenge, dorky boy.

    Yes, Johnson was big into being creative with teambuilding and Jerry Jones, to this day, has no clue how to do it.  As proven. He, Al Davis, many of the older owners have never understood how to build a proper team in the cap era. It's a fact.

    Dallas has 1 playoff appearance in the last 15 years, I believe.  That's horrendous and it has to do with Jerry Jones being dumb, not deferring to JImmy Johnson who understood leverage as manager or in this case, as a teambuilder.  

    That Herschel Walker trade was infamous and the origins of the deal did not come from Jerry Jones.  Jerry Jones got jealous thought he could do a better job, Johnson thought he was loony, and Johnson quit. Yes.

    You cannot change facts or history even as a troll.

    Yes, Jimmy Johnson and BB are good friends and see things similarly in terms of management of  roster in the cap era. Johnson dealt Herschel Walker to Minnesota, or at least convinved Jones to do so. Yes.  

    That then landed them many draft picks which helped build their pre cap dynasty with titles in 1992 and 1993. Johnson knew the teambuild could not be all from FA. Yes. Salary allocation on the roster was vital.  Yes.  That's what BB tries to do now.  

    Jimmy Johnson quit with a loaded team in the mid 90s due to meddling by Jones thinking that the cap didn't matter and Jones could do what Johnson was doing. Yes.  I don't know how many more ways it needs to be said.

    The real genius behind those Cowboys clubs was Johnson, not Jones. Yes.  Yes.

    Jesus Christ. I have a Canadiens fanboy dork telling me things that are not true and it's clear he's never done his homework on the matter.

    Go watch A Football Life: Jimmy Johnson or read a book. It won't hurt you.

    BB picked up pieces along the way from Jimmy Johnson with the salary cap. That's a fact. Read War Room. Read anything.

    BB has then gone on to be the best GM ever and Jerry Jones, might be the worst of the cap era only trailing Matt Millen or Al Davis.

    You're a flippin idiot who is way out of his league on this topic.

    NFL did not have a salary cap until 1994.

    I have seen A Football Life. Does not change the fact that the salary cap came in 1994.

    Learn football.