Huff to Ravens

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    Re: Huff to Ravens

    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:

    HUff isn't that good. Sorry to tell ya.  And, pretending Ed Reed, who is Ronnie Lott of this era, isn't a loss is pathetic.

    Good offenses are licking their chops right now with Jimmy Smith and Mike Huff as two new Safeties with a totally rebuild D down the middle.

    Doesn't work. Balt's D to be worse than last year.

    Changing one known name off a jersey and putting another known name on it, doesn't really work.

    Packers, Eagles, Saints, Jets, Cowboys, and the list goes on and on and on.

    You gotta have a continuous base for it to work.  Suggs and Ngata isn't enough.  Who are their MLBS when they play 3-4? Who is their nickel?

    Ravens will struggle in 2013 and may not make the playoffs. 

    Heyward-Bey, McClain and Huff were all considered Al Davis 1st rd busts in Oakland.  Huff was the best of the group, but as 1st rders in Oakland, I wouldn't touch them and expect any of them to change their stripes.



    Maybe Bengal will win the AFC north

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    Re: Huff to Ravens

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    Reed was great, last year he wasnt...numbers back it up, but I understand you only agree with numbers that you cite.

    Ravens look tough...wouldnt sirprise me if they are back in the playoffs

    Huff was probably the top remaining safety so it makes sense for the Ravens to sign him and they got him at a good price.  I think Reed is a better safety than you think (safety play is definitely one of the areas where I think advanced statistical metrics can be flawed).

    The real question (which is one you often bring up) is what it means for Huff that the best contract he could get was 2 million per.  Why didn't any other team offer more?

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    Re: Huff to Ravens

    As for the Ravens I think they still have some work to do.  They are still pretty thin at MLB.  I don't think Huff is an upgrade over Reed.  Boldin was a big loss for them as well although I think Dumervil is an upgrade over Kruger and Canty+Spears is an upgrade over Kemoatu+Cody.

    The most overlooked fact imo is their offensive line.  Birk retired and McKinnie is gone as well atm.  People forget that the Ravens O-line played a huge role in their SB run.  Everything changed when they moved Oher back to RT and McKinnie to LT.  Prior to that their O-line was playing average at best.

    I am not as down on them as Rusty (although it isn't  uncommon for SB winning teams to miss the playoffs via the dreaded "SB hangover"), but on paper their offense is weaker and it is hard to believe losing that many players on D won't have an effect despite who they have been replaced with.  I expect them to make the playoffs because frankly even if they don't win their division I can't see 2 teams from any of the AFC divisions beating them out for a wildcard.  As we all know anything can happen once the postseason starts, but I think the odds of them being a threat are lower than they were last season.

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    Re: Huff to Ravens

    Told ya. Ravens done! Salary cap hell in full affect people! Scarraaaary indeed. I just love how irrationals are exposed - here we have a team that won the Super Bowl and now they're tearing it down. They got rid of a 35 year old safety and replaced him with a former first round safety that is 30 years old...who fits into their system. Dumb, just dumb. They lose an overrated player and replace him with one of the best pass rushers in the NFL with Dumervil. Another dumb move. They lost their 36 year old slow and done middle linebacker and will replace him with someone in the draft. Another dumb move. 

    Getting younger, winning a Super Bowl, resigning their QB. Dumb, just dumb. What they should of done was not payed guys like Lewis, Reed and Suggs in the first place. Then they could of not spent to the cap - instead used up 20 first and second round selections to cheaply replace those players. Then they should of treated free agency like it was the plague...just sign guys that were washed up or backups. That way it kind of is like low risk..high reward. Yeah you may never see a reward, but it's smart. And yeah, you won't win a Super Bowl this way, but you'll have so much more money to spend on 34 year old safeties and 35 year old pass rushers. And guess what? You guessed it!! When they don't work out, it won't of cost you much...low risk, high reward on the backside! Boom, just like that!

    Told ya. Stupid Ozzie Newsome.

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    Re: Huff to Ravens

    I thought the Ravens were done, but they might be alright. 


    - They still have Cody, Jones and NGata on the line and those are big boys who don't move so easily. Especially Chandler's brother, wish the Pats had him.


    - At LB, they're stout with Dummervile and Suggs getting after the passer. It helps that they have a dominant DL to occupy blockers and give them 1-on-1s. John McClain is not Darnell Elerbe, but he is a better player today that Ray Lewis was last year. They'll need to pick up a LB in the draft. 


    - At CB, they may have lost a good player in Cary Williams, but they get back Ladarius Webb . A darn good CB who can play both inside and out. They'll need to get another CB in the draft. 


    - At Safety, if the rumors are true that Jimmy Smith will play SS and now they have Michael Huff at FS, they're a better Safety corps that they were last season. Last season, Bernard Pollard was a killer with big hits, but he was lacking in coverage. Jimmy Smith, as a CB playing SS, will have the coverage ability suitable to match TEs and even slot WRs. Plus, he's about 6'2 and packs a punch. 


    The Ravens are a LB and CB away from being a better defense than they were last year.