(From his snappy historical analysis of Bledsoe and Brady)

"...However, no one was really sure Belichick had picked the right passer until the late moments of Super Bowl XXXVI..."

God, this is the worst writing I have seen since my days at the Malden High School "Tattler."

Tom Brady was 11-3 going into that game -- including an incredible win in the Snow Bowl.

Belichick made it clear 5 minutes after the Pittsburgh AFC Championship Game that Brady was going to be the starter and nobody questioned it -- period.

Do you read this stuff you write?  Do you just make up this nonsense so you can have something to be "provocative" about.

Do you have Editors?  Do they read this crap?

Your writing is painful to read.... The Globe should be embarassed.

"You know, it isn't 2007 anymore."