I guess Mthurl, TFB and myself arent the only ones wondering

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    Re: I guess Mthurl, TFB and myself arent the only ones wondering

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    I'd give them a C+ which could be upgraded to a B+ if and only if the guys they signed STAY healthy--is it just me or are the Pats  hoping for guys, who seem to be injury prone, to stay healthy and if they don't the Pats are in trouble---here's the list: Volmer,(if resigned which looks likely), Gronk, Hernandez, Armedola, Talib, Fletcher,and Any defensive back at any time. Ironically the guy who never got injured is off playing for Manning? Big risk high reward for the Pats.


    This is one way BB gets value.  He goes after players who have some reason (injury, in this case) for slipping lower in the draft or not getting as much demand in free agency.  You win some and lose some with this strategy.  I have been surprised at how many of these oft-injured players remain oft-injured.  In the past, I would have said Belichick's strategy was a smart one, because I thought injury was more bad luck and didn't really believe in anyone being inherently "injury-prone."   Now, I'm not so sure.  Just look at Ras-I.  


    We are on the same wavelength prolate-at some point you have to pull the trigger-great to make the playoffs every year-but other than the Champion everyone else is 2nd place-Salary cap makes it tough though-good response!

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    Re: I guess Mthurl, TFB and myself arent the only ones wondering

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    Russ - as you said, and I've agreed.  The colts are rebuilding.  That means they are not that good.  But they were good enough to make the playoffs and compete away from home in the playoffs as well as the pats did at home against the ravens.  So that doesn't say alot about the pats. 


    Oh, so now a backpedal, huh? Isn't that interesting. I prove my point in spades, you call me an idiot when shown up which is what Phat Rex does when he's realized he's lost, and now you're agreeing with me?


    Cannot be made up.

    Actually, NE rebuilt their entire D with kids from 2010-2012.  Your D doesn't have quality prospects on it.

    So, it SAYS A LOT about the Pats, because their base has been built went to a SB just lost an AFC title game.

    Luck got blasted by that same Pats D last year, too until BB called off the dogs and played the clock, so sort of comical somehow the Pats aren't in prime position right now after a successful rebuild, vs interchanging FAs in and out for the base.

    As we know, it's the Pats offensive philiosophy that hasn't come through,  not BB's teambuilding brilliance from 2010-2012 and into 2013.

    Like I said, care to wager?  


    Wait - you want credit for saying the colts are rebuilding?  Way to get yourself out there on an island, Russ.  What's next?  Do you want credit for knowing a nickel is five cents?  No, it really is five cents.  Russ, this isn't elementary school. 


    Russ, the colts changed everything except the owner.  70% roster turnover last year.  Pmike won't like me using his phrase, but claiming the colts are rebuilding is akin to claiming water is wet.  No, really water is wet. 

    Not sure what you'd like to wager.  Let me know.  BTW - why give Belichick credit for rebuilding while the core (Brady Welker Mankins Wilfork Mayo) are still firmly in place but not the colts who turned over 70% of their roster inlcuding the best QB of the last decade, made the playoffs amidst unprecedente coaching turmoil and performed as well in those playoffs against the ravens as the pats did?  Give the credit.  Its as obvious as the rebuild.



    So, you are backpedaling. Gotcha.  Because it appeared above you were mocking BB for his rebuild into a lockout on the fly while playing in a SB and now loaded for the upcoming seasons, AS Bill Polian got fired and your team rebuilding without being a legit SB contender in the process.

    I just want to make sure we're clear so the bitchslapping by me onto you is seen by all.

    The wager is based on the premise that the Colts got some bounces to get their wild card and with Tenn better, other AFC teams better, Houston still the class of your division, Indy will take a step back and not make the playoffs.

    Are we wagering?

    If so, if you lose you have to leave for the entire offseason next year only able to return and post ONLY Indy based threads in Sept of 2014.

    If I lose, I leave the board from the end of NE's season until draft weekend.



    Why would anyone EVER wager anything with you. You lose, you lie, you reneg, you say you didn't actually mena what you wrote, you refuse to uphold your end. You are a loser. 



    That's baloney. I am 2-0 vs RKarp. He is the one who doesn't follow up on the terms of our 2 bets.


    I had to track him down once on the 1st one and he's still won't follow through on the parameters and admit defeat.

    No one else here has ever bet with me even though I tried to get ANYONE to on the 40+ pass bet.

    YOu ran away from a Bears/Pats December 2010 bet in fear. That was funny because you would have lost that one, too.



    How are you 2-0 betting with me? I said the Jets would be $20-$30 million under the cap when free agency started. He is what Cimini wrote today;


    3. Moneyball: I spoke to a salary-cap expert who questioned Idzik's decisions to let veterans such as S LaRon Landry and TE Dustin Keller walk out the door without so much as an offer. Despite the criticism of Mike Tannenbaum's cap management, the Jets began the free agency period with roughly $18 million in room after cutting players and re-working deals. It was enough cap space, the expert said, to make competitive offers. 

    The expert also said: If Idzik was concerned about jamming up the 2013 cap for a player like Landry, who received the biggest contract among the Jets' defections (four years, $24 million from the Colts), he could've structured the deal to include a chunk of the guaranteed money in 2014. In other words, there were creative ways to get it done. Obviously, Idzik didn't feel the players were worth the trouble. He made value judgments; it wasn't because he was handcuffed by the perceived failings of the previous administration, per our salary-cap man. 

    After free agency started, the Jets then restructured Cro saving an additional $4m against he cap. So I missed the start of the free agency signing period by 6 hours. I also was told Tebow w/b cut, and Mangold extended saving an additional $4-$5m. That did not happen, but the Jets did get to $22m under the cap.

    Exactly what I bet, making you the loser of the bet.


    Umm, you lost in a bet with me where I followed you to get you to uphold the parameters. This was after the Jets/Pats game where you lost the bet.


    You took the spread I believe, and NE almost dropped 50 on them on Thanksgiving. LOL

    You actually tried to sneak in one last parameter (Sanchez to throw for 300 yards) where I rejected it because I knew I couldn't control that aspect.  BB always calls off the dogs with huge leads in blowouts. Sanchez got about 75 yards in garbage time and threw for 301, so I actually took special satisfaction in that one, too. LMAO

    Rex Ryan then went to the podium as everyone was enjoying their pumpkin pie and said "Sanchez had a 94 QBR" which about sums up the supidity of you and the entire Jets franchise.

    So, yeah, that was 1 bet.

    You then finally made the concession thread, dose it with some sarcasm and a sore loser, so that's one bet.

    The second bet was on your terms and NY was not 25 million under the cap to compete with NE for FAs by March 12th.

    You lost.

    MANY others, almost 10 people came in to the thread you then had the nerve to start telling you lost to me.  I stayed out of thread they were bludgeoning you so bad.

    I am up on you 2-0. Period.

    You have got to be the most pathetic human on a messageboard anywhere.

    Bro-I dont care what anyone else says--- but I must admit anyone that can post such time consuming exhaustive posts in such detail must be a true Pats fan-for good or for bad, glad to have you here.

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    Re: I guess Mthurl, TFB and myself arent the only ones wondering

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    You've really gone off the edge trying to get revenge on me because Welkie left your rectum sore this past week.


    Revenge?  What are you talking about??  I have been calling you out on all the false comments you have made on here.  All the lies you spew. 


    You went into damage control stating all these things Amendola did better then Welker and I provided facts that show differently.  You are a troll, you have an agenda here, you are a fraud.... all because what you say is not correct.  You state your opinion as facts and they are wrong.  Thats the issue here.  Time and again you spam this board with comments that are not correct!  I'm tired of you doing so. So spin it any way you would like to, the fact is you lie and post info here that is not correct. Then you argue with people when they don't agree with your lies and false information.  You are a troll here, Rusty!!! 


    personally i thought he outdid even himself when he said the giants "don't understand the cap"...



    Well, if your team misses the playoffs again and then in 2014 for the 3rd straight year, I will have been right.


    I'll take wagers.



    so 2 sb wins in 5 yrs but they don't get the cap



    According to Rusty, the Ravens don't get it either.  One could start to think that "not getting the cap" is a prerequisite to winning the Super Bowl.  I'm still puzzled how the cap savvy Pats have, since 2009, lost in the playoffs to all these teams that don't get the cap: the Ravens (twice, and almost thrice), the Giants, and, god forbid, the Jets. 

    Oh wait. Rusty's explained that too.  It's all Brady's fault.

    Whoo hoo . . .

    In all seriousness, though, Rusty is right that managing the cap is important. It's just that accumulating talent is more important to winning.  I've said before that I think the Pats do an excellent job keeping the team good year after year by managing the cap closely and bringing in a lot of decent mid-tier "value" players.  However, I also think the team hasn't had enough quality talent or depth and diversity of talent to really be a strong postseason contender.  There are two possible reasons for this:  one, the Pats maybe should have risked a bit more "salary cap hell" in order to bring in a few more impact players and, two, the Pats maybe have not been as consistently good at evaluating talent as they need to be.  I'm not sure which of the two problems is bigger--in some ways they go hand-in-hand.  But the truth is, the Pats strategy, while extremely successful at keeping the team highly competitive year after year, hasn't been an unqualified success because the team has had some very disappointing playoff performances since 2009.  This is just a fact.  Evaluating Kraft and BB as the best GMs ever can't be done without taking the playoffs into consideration.  


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    Re: I guess Mthurl, TFB and myself arent the only ones wondering

    the issues can be traced back to the poor draft years of 06, 07, 08 and 09. The Pats should be resigning those drafted players now, and they should be forming the back bone of the team. Yet we are seeing only Ghost, MAyo and Vollmer still on the team.

    That talent void has left the Pats in a position of needing to addess certain weakness thru FA, which they have prefered to do via low ball deals on players trying to re establish value (Anderson, Talib) and/or players post prime looking to see if they can hang in another year (Ellis, Ocho, Carter) 

    This takes nothing away from the game to game coaching genius. It also takes nothing away from the deft cap management/cold hearted decisions the team is famous for. It also takes nothing away from the brilliant drafts of the past few years, and the yearly free agent find or two.

    The bottom line is this management team refuses to address lingering needs via ree agency that seemingly would make another SB or two more realistic. Whether they are gun shy after AThomas or RColvin or LBodden, or whether they are 100% correct in their thought process remains the biggest issue posted on BDC.  

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    Re: I guess Mthurl, TFB and myself arent the only ones wondering

    In fairness, though the Pats have had a lot of low picks.  The question is whether trading down to get more low picks (and cheaper rookies) has worked.  I'm not sure one way or the other.  Some of those low picks have worked for us, either producing a decent player or being useful trade bait. Many, however, have just produced junk. With a rookie salary cap now in place maybe the Pats strategy changes. It appeared to last year.

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    Re: I guess Mthurl, TFB and myself arent the only ones wondering

    in 09 they whiffed on 3 of 4 #2's and 2 #3's.

    in 08 they whiffed on a #2, 2 #3's and a #4

    imo #2's should be able to see the field in the rotation. I was disappointed in Wilson and obviously Baqhette this year...hoping I am proven wrong

    we are constantly lectured by one obnoxious poster how BB retooled the D the past couple of years and how the Pats became so much younger. Well, looking at those drafts, how could they not?


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