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I guess Welker wasn't kidding......

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    I guess Welker wasn't kidding......

    When he stepped up to the mike and said....  I like to stick it to BB once in awhile.....


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    Re: I guess Welker wasn't kidding......

    Not so sure leaving Brady will benefit Wes to the point he "stuck it" to BB

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    Re: I guess Welker wasn't kidding......

    In response to RidingWithTheKing's comment:

    Considering the cap doesn't go up until 2015 when Gomer very well may be on his way out, the SB is outdoors in NY, Welker may really regret his decision.

    Sad Welker chose to make it personal, rejecting 8 million in 2013, taking 6 million just to make it appear like he'd rather make it about ego vs want to win one here. 

    Definitely one of the more classless exists by a really good player here in this town.

    Welker expected more of a commitment from NE, he didn't get more than 2 years on a deal, and he lashed out.

    I am surprised he took less money, to be honest.   How dare BB realize Welker needs less targets to balance out the offense to try to win a SB!




    You really like to preach loyalty from players when teams don't show the same thing. What he did wasn't classless. 2 years ago, he thought he could get a better deal, but he was wrong. Fast forward to now, he works with what other teams have to offer. He took the better offer, as many other players would do. He didn't take less money.

    Only the current offers matter, and from what I know, 10 mil from the Pats and 12 from the Broncos