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I Have a Question RE: College Football's Ofiiciating...

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    Re: I Have a Question RE: College Football's Ofiiciating...

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    To ALL: So I'm watching The New Mexico Bowl.  Wyoming and Fresno State look to me like 2 rather mediocre teams led by a couple of unaccurate QBs, AND I gotta say, that I'm ENJOYING this game as much or more than most NFL Games I've seen his season...  The Ofiicials are just letting these guys "play", and the players are busting their rears leaving it all on the field. There are zero "Peyton Interference" game-changing "gimme-scoring opportunities."  Heck, I just saw a play where a CB and a WR got their legs tangled while both going up for the ball, and The Officials did NOTHING...weird.  BUT, I don't want this thread to be another redundantly accurate take about The Colts and what 99% of Football Fans will deem to be a completely uncredible possibly perfect season, due to Referee help, I just have a few of simple College Officiating questions for those more in the know than I (not huge on College Football, just Draft)... ~I saw a play in the first half that (I believe) wasn't in the final 2 minutes of half-play, and The Defensive Coach asked for a Review on a reception.  It was upheld, and He did NOT lose a Time Out.  Q: Are ALL plays Reviewable in College Football withOUT the potential for a loss of TO? ~Second question regards that particular case of incidental contact between the O and D players that got their legs tangled.  Q: IS there a different take on Illegal Peyton Interference in College Ball?  Q: IF Peyton Interference was in fact called (It was about a 20 yard pass play to the WR in the endzone)-WOULD it have been a 1st and goal at the 1 yard line like in the Pros, OR a 15 yard Penalty? Thoughts ANYONE ?   
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    Question 1 I know for a fact is Yes, all plays are reviewable and the coachs dont have to aks for it either, if a ref is unsure he can review it.
    Question 2a, the rule isn't written differently NFL refs are just more likely than not to give the PI to the offense probably because the Commish wants more money. I dont know about the penelty, i think it is just a 15 yarder auto first down, but idk.