I have to mention some negatives

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    Re: I have to mention some negatives

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    Stash Tebow on the PS?  He most certainly clears waivers, and still gain the benefit of him running scout team plays and allowing his "positive influence" to shine onto rest of the team?



    Teblow is not PS eligible.   Edelman can run the read option and Wildcat. He ran it in college. I cannot, for the like of me, understand how Edelman is bashed or with people thinking he won't make the team. Said it since Day 1: This is a tryout for Tebow, one last chance as a favor from BB, before he goes off to the CFL.  






    I think he is, I think it's playing snaps on the team you're currently on. Vince Young is PS eligible, I think.


    Nope...he's NOT eligible...he's on the 53 roster or he's gone...

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    Re: I have to mention some negatives

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    Was not at the game, but saw the tape very late last night (was at Fenway-ugh!)

    I saw some things that need attention and clean up quickly. 

    -too many penalties. Took 3 points off the board in the first half. I am betting that is what BB focuses on immediately

    -the Mankins penalty looked like "usual Mankins" and what he always has done, but the refs are now going to flag these pushes

    -I don't care who is on the field. Poor play and execution needs to be cleaned up regardless if the offenders make the team or not. That being said, lots of confusion and guys breaking free in the defensive backfield. Both Wilson's did not play well. The pick six is irrelevant, too many Buc's were open most of the night, in spite of the pressure generated by the Pats

    -lots of players speculated to make the team due to stellar special teams play. Where were they last night? 

    -I would like to see more of Mallett next week. The more he takes snaps, the better he looks. Rusty, but lots to like. Can make every throw, can move a bit in the pocket, once he got comfortable, he moved the team. 

    -Tebow. Not sure what to think. Is he worth losing Blount, Cole, Fells or Ras? Is he bringing any more on the field than a young developmental player stashed on the PS? 

    -I would think if Armstead is not practicing this week he will not be ready to start the season. I have heard he has been watching practice. I do not know what he looks like, so have not seen him. I am curious as to his weight? I was hoping he played at around 305. I hope he has been able to keep his strength and size during this situation. I had also heard he was 280-285. What type of player is he if he is at 265-270? 

    -I earlier speculated on Ballard being on the fence. I think he is coming along. Dd not see his snap count last night but seemed like he was on the field more than the Eagles game. Still see him after Gronk and Sudfeld. Hooman is more versatile. Plays all ST's. does it come down to Ballard or Blount? 


    I have to mention some negatives about your negatives.


    1. The 1st three are all the same thing. So that is actually only 1 negative, not 3.

    2. That Mankins personal foul call was total B.S and everybody knows it. How many guys shove each other after a play and there is no call? Answer: Lots.

    3. Point me out 1 play where Adrian Wilson did not play well? I've watched the game twice and you cannot. Stop trying to push your agenda on us that AW doesn't make this team. Did you notice he played ST and saved the KR that would have been a td by chasing the guy down from behind? Not bad for a 33 year old 6'3 235 pound safety.

    4. If Armstead is 270 pounds(which you have no reason to speculate 1 way or another) then he is a pass rushing DE no? His forte is getting push and getting to the QB no? How is this a negative?

    5. How is your last point about Ballard getting better a negative?

    1) I dont think you know how to add properly

    2) I didnt say it wasnt ticky tacky. The refs made a point that they would not stand for it this year and will enforce it. Dumb play by Mankins

    3) Wilson made a tackle on ST. I did not yet see his snap count, but aside from that ST play, he logged 0 tackles, 0 assits, 0 passes defended. He was on the field, yet the back 4 were out of position and in disarray. Imo a poor showing, indicative of what I have seen so far. I have no agenda. I hope he plays at a pro bowl level. 

    4) If Armstead isnt a DT he has less value to the team. 

    5) I initially thought Ballard could get regular snaps. Now I think he is on the fence. To me that is a disappointment making it negative