I have to mention some negatives

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    Re: I have to mention some negatives

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    Stash Tebow on the PS?  He most certainly clears waivers, and still gain the benefit of him running scout team plays and allowing his "positive influence" to shine onto rest of the team?



    Teblow is not PS eligible.   Edelman can run the read option and Wildcat. He ran it in college. I cannot, for the like of me, understand how Edelman is bashed or with people thinking he won't make the team. Said it since Day 1: This is a tryout for Tebow, one last chance as a favor from BB, before he goes off to the CFL.  






    I think he is, I think it's playing snaps on the team you're currently on. Vince Young is PS eligible, I think.


    Nope...he's NOT eligible...he's on the 53 roster or he's gone...

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