i just want to be the 1st to let everyone know that...

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    Re: i just want to be the 1st to let everyone know that...

    Cody Pearcy . . . looks like he can adjust well to the ball and does catch with his hands . . . possible two/three year replacement for Wes as a slot receiver if he can put on 10-15 lbs and keep his speed/quickness.  The question is, will the Pat's have a WR spot to keep him while he learns?  Who does he beat out if they draft him: Stallworth, Branch, Chad, Gonzo, Julian?
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    Re: i just want to be the 1st to let everyone know that...

    Dale Moss . . . maybe a 4th/5th round pick that will need a year or two to transition from basketball (maybe he can fill in for the Celtics in the off season) . . . Pat's would only take a guy like this if they think they can get him to the Practice squad or hide him out on IR for a year.  One thing for sure, with all the receivers on this team they are not going to take both these guys and I don't see either helping them much this coming year.
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    Re: i just want to be the 1st to let everyone know that...

    Doug Martin - lost his RB position to DJ Harper and was playing the defensive side of the ball until Harper went down.  Some potental and a good special teams player but the Pat's are not going to use an early round pick for this guy and he is projected to go by the 3rd round.
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    Re: i just want to be the 1st to let everyone know that...

    If you're right then you can rehash this thread but even though all football players are athletes, not all athletes are football players.
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    Re: i just want to be the 1st to let everyone know that...

    Doug Martin is ABSOLUTELY, and should be 100% regarded as: A bona fide 1st Rounder (a late 1st rder, but a 1st rd'er nonetheless).

    Watching that guy run, is just fun...  He's like a new-age Thurman Thomas, or a Dave Megget but with the 2 sizes-up bowling ball addition, maybe even a young Tiki Barber in his earliest days.

    Doug Martin is that natural & instinctually gifted Runningback with that crazy feel, & wild cutting moves to go along with that 1 foot tall purely compacted frame that's impossible to get a clean square shot on for defenders.

    ...But Trent Richardson is better...right now, at least (Richardson also has a ton more wear & tear and the potential worrisome "wonders" that'll come along with this as his college-pro career gets under way...And he's also a Top 10 Pick as it stands to day, for a RB in a league ever & ever more geared to the passing game).  But he's still better (as of this day, today- he just ain't Top 10, give-up-your-whole-draft "better").  Richardson however, is a freak!ng TACTICIAN at The RB position:  He is so perfectly patient when waiting for pulling guards, or just for the hole to develop, yet so decisive when he does make that read on his best angle...ALL of this has to do with Richardson's field vision, of which, He's one of the very best I've EVER seen play, in this respect alone at the RB spot (His head is up, TOTALLY Aware...it's crazy).  And he's a tireless worker off the field, in the weight room, and in practice, when it comes to perfecting his RB traits (some may also be "tireless", which is an overused idiom...in this case, Richardson's closer to "fanatical" then).

    After those 2...I don't really even "like" the others.  Yes, I should like them- I DON'T DIS-Like them...I just ain't sold on them (namely, I'm speaking here with the 2 other highest rated RBs that have been regarded as the closest in quality to be at least somewhat on par w/ Richardson & Martin- namely: David Wilson & Lamar Miller).

    Wilson has CRAZY balance & agility...and although you'd think that with this, coupled with his 5'11-6'0 205lb frame, he'd just svck as an interior RB...but he doesn't, This guy really is exceptionally strong in his running for that build.  I usually like the Runners that places like Va Tech & Penn State produce, and think that they're almost en masse, incredibly underrated.  It's just- He reminds me of Laurence Maroney...to...a..."T".  He's always trying to desperately break it to the outside (unless play design sends him there already).  It is more than noticeable that he weighs this far & above what & how & where the defense's personell placements are & what the defensive personell's reactions are as the play's developing as he's coming out of that hole at the LOS.  He dances a bit too much, and faced with a backfield and/or initial tackling prescence to contend with, Wilson does WAY too much attempting to make something out of nothing (the real issue on this: rather than going side-side, while still forwarding in his steps in a N-S direction within his cuts/spin moves here, Wislon just goes Side-Side, East-West <alone />) Problem I have when I watch Wilson on film, is that I see almost ZERO natural instincts and feel (the exact OPPOSITE of Richardson's "field vision"). 
    Based on the guy's college output at a now underwhelming University of Miami program (with limited surrounding depth of talent supporting him), I should also likewise, love Lamar Miller (5'10 208lbs)...  He really does, at first glance, do everything right in order to get positive yards over and over again...  Don't get me wrong, I'm higher on Miller than Wilson (although I sorta wish it was the opposite...but it isn't)- It's just that Miller doesn't do anything trully exceptional, or even really good within his RB skill traits (very average at breaking tackles, average or slightly above field vision and awareness, just below average patience in waiting for a seam to open up, but I guess so then=Just ABOVE average in hitting the hole quickly)...  Yeh, ya know?  


    Here's MY new guy, (can't find his pure highlight vid I had, but here's an Interview/Highlight vid on him).  Btw, He can be had in the 4th-5th, while NE shores up the DT/DE, DE/OLB, S/CB, and maybe even an OT or some hybrid ILB/Strongside-OLB spot in the interim: