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I love the signing of Tommy Kelly

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    I love the signing of Tommy Kelly

    The signing of Tommy Kelly is good from the stand point that when he's paired with Vince Wilfork as the defensive tackles, its really going to take 4 blockers to block both Wilfork (6-1, 325lbs) and Kelly (6-6, 325lbs) on every play. Tommy Kelly played on a lot of bad Oakland Raiders teams in the 9 years in Oakland and took a lot of heat for the problems with the Raiders defense. We have seen what he was able to do when he was paired with Richard Seymour, I can already envision what its going to be like when Tommy Kelly is paired with Vince Wilfork. Coach Belichick has had success with some players that played for the Oakland Raiders such as Gerard Warren to name a few. Obviously, Tommy Kelly is not the long-term solution, but he's a good solution right now. This is how the Patriots have done things since 2000. The wait for the free agent frenzy subsides and go after the leftovers, I wouldn't be surprised if John Abraham, Kerry Rhodes, Kevin Walter, or some of the other veterans that is still on the free agent market are still being targeted by the Patriots.

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