I met an ex-NFL player tonight

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    Re: I met an ex-NFL player tonight

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    Ed Westfall lived in Pelham NH when he played for the B's. I saw him at Skate 3 in Tyngsboro watching his son practice. There were a lot of people around and he was just sitting there very inconspicuosly. I recognized him and just looked at him and knodded my head towards him and he smiled and did the same. I think he liked the fact that he was not bothered by me and that I did not make others even notice him.

    I also have never understood the whole autograph thing especially for marginal players.

    Fully understand guys like Mays, Mantle, Williams, Orr, etc... why anyone would want an autograph of a non HOF type is beyond me.

    Besides most autographs end up being thrown away by Mom.



    We used to go to SKate 3 all the time.  I wonder why he lived all the way up in Pelham? Quite a ride to the Garden.  A lot of the players used to live/probably still do up in Lynnfield/Wakefield. Easy shot right down 93.



    I know a lot of the Sox players have lived, and still do live in Lynnfield/Wakefield/North Reading.

    A few of my cousins live in NR and Nomar had a house right down the street in Lynnfield.  Pretty cool.

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    Re: I met an ex-NFL player tonight

    Met BB at an event in Aug 11.  Asked him whether he was on myface.com that got a chuckle out if him.  He came off as very straight forward and genuine. I also asked him what kind of adjustments can offense make when 4 guys are able to rush the passer.  He gave lots of options but bottomline is that offensive line has to be able to block 4.

    I asked this in reference to SB42 and at the time knew little that 46 will have similar story..

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    Re: I met an ex-NFL player tonight

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    On the way home, at the airport in Fort Myers, was in the bullpen thing being searched with Mike Vrabel's buddy who has being heckled by Vrabel himself.  Pretty funny. Said hello and thanks to Vrabel briefly and kept moving.   Vrabel is one big dude.

    Other than that, no others, minus my mom being friends with Steve Strachan (BC grad). He's from Burlington.

    Went on to be an Ace STs guy for Al Davis's Raiders in the 1980s.  Played with Flutie on those BC teams.


    Also from Burlington: Old time player, Dick Fusco, played O'line for Giants under Vince L. Good after dinner speaker and  wonderful person.
    The Fusco Twins (no relation), Both Harvard and 84 Olympic Hockey players, one made the NHL.  I Never brought up the "Miracle on Ice Team" which to me was the greatest Upset in sports. How do you follow that Team?

    Spoke with Steve S.  a few times as well, good humble guy.





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