thats y so many teams just stink. as bel  repeatsand jimmy johnson used to say, only 10 teams ever really have a shot. the other 20 or so will just self-destruct and blow themselves up from within if u can just hang in there and not destroy yourself.  i would name the freakin special teams coach as interim coach already doing a good job. what kind of message does that send to your team? hire the guy already doing the worse job! whats up with all these old guy-owners (octogenarians +) like al davis, bud adams and ralph wilson still making all these major personnel decisions? yanks got it right in phasg out george S, y cant someone put great grandpa in some comfy slippers and PJs and keep him away from sharp objects and viagra that can unnecessarily keep hurting their teams and assets? those who will have to inherit these major messes cant be too happy.