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"If" both are healthy for 16 games, who has more catches this season Wes Welker or Danny Amendola?

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    "If" both are healthy for 16 games, who has more catches this season Wes Welker or Danny Amendola?

    Both have HOF QB's throwing to them, both are in passing offenses, what do you think? Although I expect the Pats to run more than Denver I still think Amendola catches about 110 balls and Wes about 90. I dont think Wes will be left out because Peyton has a couple other legitimate down field targets targets, I think TB12 will grow comfortable with his other targets as well, especially after Gronk comes back. I will also predict that DA will average more YAC than Wes. I hope they both have good years, but that we win the AFC Championship over Denver on a TB12 to DA pass!

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    Good question.
    Like you I think Welkers' catches will be somewhat down - to the 80-90 range. I actually hope that Amendola will end up in the same range, as it will mean that Brady also targets some of the other receivers. If he get's more than 100 catches I think something is wrong, honestly.

    I'm hoping for something like 80-90 catches for DA, 70 catches for AD, 70 for Gronk (if he starts Week 1), around 40 for the next TE (I'm guessing Sudfeld), and also around 40 for the next WR (I'm guessing either Thompkins or Edelman), maybe 30 for Vereen, and the rest split between the remaining players.

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    I would expect Welker to have more catches. I think the Pat's will run the ball more and if Dobson, Boyce and Thomkins are  up to speed Brady's distribution of the ball will cut into Amendola's chances.

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    Welker should catch more in his 16 games than DA will in his four healthy games...

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    If Denver is smart they wont overuse him like we had to. They have 2 other legit options, and the Pats have a bunch of rooks,. so I say if both healthy,. Amendola blows aways Wes' numbers because BB is the type of coach to make sure Wes knows he messed up.

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    In response to JulesWinfield's comment:

    Welker should catch more in his 16 games than DA will in his four healthy games...

    Good to see you're on board supporting one of the newly acquired Patriots.

    I love our fanbase!

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    I think, health provided, they will be around the same in production, with Amendola having slightly better stats due to more targets.

    Amendola: 95, 1100, 7TD

    Welker: 85, 1050, 5TD


    Amendola will see more targets because he's one of the only proven receivers on this roster. Whereas Manning has 3 dynamic receivers that he'll spread the ball around to.  Hopefully some of the young guys - Dobson, Boyce, and Thompkins - will step up so DA's workload isn't too high.  Either way, when a guy proves reliable, Brady will throw it to him.  It's that simple.  From the looks of camp, they already seem to have a good connection.  Big year for Danny if he stays healthy.

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    probably Amendola because Welker can't keep his mouth shut.  Hard to whine and catch at same time.

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    Amendola, only the Patriots were dumb enough to craft their entire offense around a 5'8 slot WR. -_-, unfortunately, Amendola and Brady have become BFF4L and it looks like Brady will look to him a lot. All things considered and both healthy...


    Amendola  = 85 catches, 1005 yards (He runs deeper routes than Wekler and will have more YAC). 

    Wekler = 60 catches, 650 yards.

    There are 32 reasons not to throw the deep ball against the New England Patriots this season, they all end in "Because Devin McCourty will INT it".

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    I'd rather have a season in which every available receiver catches a pass, you know, how it used to be when you didn't know where the ball was going and the pass went to whoever was open.  

    I'd also love to get the screen play involved in the offense once again, which I think is much more likely with some vertical threats like Dobson, Boyce and Thompkins on the team stretching the field, underneath options like Amendola, Boyce, Edelman, Vereen and most importantly Josh McDaniels at the helm.  

    A healthy dose of run/play action would also score a hell of a lot more meaningful touchdowns and would do more towards us being a ball control offense once again, controlling the clock and being clutch in pressure situations than simply focusing on one receiver or running when it is patently obvious we will run and generally being predictable...

    ..that's what we've had under Bill O'Brien for the past few years, I could have heaved darts at a board lined with plays and done as well or better with Tom Brady at QB executing.


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    It will be an EXCELLENT sign if DA is targeted less than Wes. It will mean that the offense has evolved into more of a "spread the ball around" type and probably even more balanced in the rushing department. To the contrary, if Welkie catches a boat load of balls, then that will mean Payton is falling into a similar trap that we saw when WW was here. So, I say DA catches less passes than WW. Both of these scenarios would be best case for the PATS.

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    I think it depends if/when welker loses a step, because it's going to happen probably sooner, than later. Welker slows down towards the end of the season, the question is will he slow down sooner now? The guy is in great shape, he's tough as nails and he's a hard working pro, but age does factor in sooner or later.

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    Sorry to say, but Peyton Manning isn't as good as he once was.  He can't hit the long ones, he lost arm strength last year.  There's a possibility that he declines some more this year. 

    My answer is Wes Welker.  The supporting cast around Peyton Manning and Welker isn't that good.  Brady may be getting 90 offensive plays a game sometimes, but he's going to be hitting Zach Sudfield and Gronkowski for 6 yards plus a few after the catch.  He's going to be hitting the explosive new guys, Kenbrell Thompkins and Boyce, who will be wide open over the middle.  He probably won't hit Dobson as much because a deep threat is mostly a decoy in New England, someone to guard.  With Sudfield and Gronk on the line (assuming that Sudfield does his bench presses this month), BB will be just as happy pulling a lineman and running the ball sometimes.  So, it's not that Amendola isn't good, but he's not going to get targeted all day.


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    Well now that Welker has been freed from the cruel and evil grasp of Bill Belichick he will no longer feel restricted with his thoughts and actions. So I say WW has 227 receptions for 31 tds and zero drops this year.

    or he will be suspended by the league for "putting his foot in his mouth".

    Amendola will bring an aspect to our offense that WW could not. I think he is a bigger faster version of Welker. Welker might have been the toughest receiver in the league and that is a very under rated aspect of his game, but if DA stays healthy I think he will be as good or better then WW in this offense.

    That might not mean 120 receptions but DA will open up the field a bit more as he can run routes WW couldn't. I don't know who will catch more but DA will be more valuable to us then WW will be to the Broncos.


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    In response to IrishMob7's comment:

    Good to see you're on board supporting one of the newly acquired Patriots.

    I love our fanbase!

    Pretty sure that guy is a Colts fan.  Just an FYI.

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    Coached against Amendola at high school level. He never made it through the first series. He's like a boxer with a glass jaw. You're not seeing 110 catches from this guy. It would be shocking, but a great thing for the Pats.

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    Hopefully Welker.  I want to see Brady in the shotgun spread hitting our Rooks with TD Bombs.

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    I'm going against the flow and think it will end up being Amendola who going to get more catches. The way I look at it, Den is loaded at WR and have just as strong a running game as the Pats. Manning will spread it out more from the offset. With all likelyhood of the Pats carrying 3 rooks leaving camp Brady might rely more on his vets (Edelman and Amendola) early until he gets a feel for how the rooks will handle the pace of gameday situations. Additionally Amendola will be the #1 WR and one of the main check down WR's while in Den Welker might only be the #2 or #3 guy.

    It might be close but I'm thinking Welker ends up with ~80-90 while Amendola might get ~90-100

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    Yeah, I hope Amendola's catches don't reach Welker status.  I don't think Amendola could take the pounding it would require with that many catches.  Plus it would mean BB didn't improve the receiver core over the past couple years.



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    I would have to go with Wes only because I think Brady might fall into Binky mode, at some point, and start cramming the ball down Amendolas throat out of comfort level and get him injured as history has shown Amendola to not be as abusable as Wes.