if he makes the final roster

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    Re: if he makes the final roster

    In response to rkarp's comment:


    who becomes expendable?

    I think it is beyond doubt that Mallett is on the team and not traded.

    I would think that Hooma, Fells, Blount, Bolden come to mind first. I can see TT getting 3rd QB reps and w/b the emergency QB, but I could see TT in the Hernandez role of lining up at the move TE position spread out or in the backfield. If Gronk and Hern are able to play game #1, would we see a TE grouping of Gronk, Hern, Ballard, Hooma and TT? Or a RB grouping of Ridley, Vereen, Bolden, Washington, TT?


    I agree that we could see Tebow lining up at TE/H-back.  Some here think that's a ridiculous theory and I don't know why.  The guy is a monster in the open field with the ball and BB isn't going to keep 3 QB's on the roster.  If TT makes the squad, I believe it's going to be because BB sees value in him in a separate role.  


    I'm not saying he's going to regularly line up at TE/H-back, but I could certainly see him getting 6-10 reps there and possibly some Wildcat infused to our offense (doubtful, but you never know with BB/McDaniels).  

    I think you can add Edelman to the list of possibly being expendable as well.  Tebow now becomes your emergency QB and 7/8th option on offense.  Once again, not likely but it's certainly plausible.

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    Re: if he makes the final roster

    I hoping he is cut in camp. I mean is he really gonna be a better H-back/TE than guys that have trained at the position for years. It will be fun to see him in camp, but ulitmately I hope he gets cut and thats only because we are already on tight on roster spots with 10 WRs, 8 TE's, 6 safeties,etc. I like the extra bodies on defense. If Tebow can bend his body and rush the passer, I dont want him



    "Take care of my B*tch, I may need her back in a couple years"

    Brady to Manning after Wes signed with Denver