If Mallet was available to be drafted this year????

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    Re: If Mallet was available to be drafted this year????

    In response to ricky12684's comment:

    Tom Brady Michigan 1999- attempts 214, completions 341, 62.8%, 20TD 6INT

    Ryan Mallett Arkansas 2010- attempts 411, completions 266, 64.7%, 32TD 12INT

    yada yada yada

    i have the feeling you have never watched much tape of Ryan Mallett. his Oline was bad and his receivers consistently dropped passes. he is more overly confident in his cannon arm than he is inaccurate as a passer... 

    I have seen some Mallett, I am not going to pretend like I was watching every Arkansas game two years ago. What I do know is that college stats do not necessarily translate to anything in the NFL. How about this stat line: 

    Attempts 462, completions 309, 66.9%, 41 TD, 4 INT (also 4002 passing yards plus another 300 yards and 4 TD on the ground).

    That is the immortal Omar Jacobs of Bowling Green in 2004 (consider by some the best statistical college football season ever).

    Here is what I know about Mallett, he is not athletic compare to other NFL QBs (he did not participate at the combine because he knew it would not help him in the draft). True brady was not super athletic at Michigan, and he did not test well athletically at the combine (although at least he did the drills).

    Maybe Mallett will be a good NFL QB. Maybe he will be great, but he has done nothing yet to make me think that. To sit here and think that he is some valuable trade chip or has a great future is pure conjecture.

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