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If the Dolphins draft Tannehill

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    If the Dolphins draft Tannehill

    I think this will put the Pats in very good shape in the post Brady era. I'm going to say Brady plays another 2-3 years, I know he says he wants to play until 40, but things can change. While there are a ton of factors that go into a good team, QB is a major one. I'm not a scout, nor do I try to be, but I get the feeling that Tannehill is the next Blaine Gabbert. Investing that high a pick on him, I would say he gets at least 3 seasons to prove himself.

    For the Jets, in the next 2-3 seasons, I see either Sanchez or Tebow as the starter.

    For the Bills, considering what the invested in Fitzpatrick, decent chance he's the starter for that time period.

    So right after Brady, I dont think it would be unforseable that who ever the Pats next QB is will be on an equal ability level. There's no Stafford, Ryan, Cutler or half decent young QB in the division.

    Guess what I'm trying to say is, when Brady decides to hang it up, there's a decent chance the Pats won't be at a QB disadvantage.

    If not for Brady, the QB level of this division would be comparable to the NFC West
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    Re: If the Dolphins draft Tannehill

    I think one other factor is the fact that there has been coaching issues with the other teams.  The Bills have not had a consistent style of offense.  The same with the Dolphins.  The Jets have had Ryan and company for a few years now, but they were a power running team, that tried to change it last year. The Patriots have been consistent with coach and QB.  Hopefully, we won't know how the next Patriots QB will play for at least 3-4 years.  Smile
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    Re: If the Dolphins draft Tannehill

    i heard on radio that seattle showed interest in the kid. i think that is a ploy to force miami to pick a qb early. that way, miami would be one team that does not pick a kid on the d side. 
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    Re: If the Dolphins draft Tannehill

    Teams usually overpay for quarterbacks. 

    -- Baltimore traded a first and a second to New England so that they could get Kyle Boller.

    --The Jets jumped up to grab the Sanchize.

    --Denver jumped for Tim Tebow in the late first round.

    However, teams get more of a megabucks lottery ticket feeling from drafting quarterbacks.  All it takes is one winning ticket, say the ads.  The quarterback that will win it all is always the one you select, not the scrawny kid with the weak arm in round 6.  Nobody wants him!