Makes me concerned. Jared Odrick? No. Dan Williams? No. Dez Bryant? No. Bulaga? No. Kyle Wilson, Jahvid Best, Jerry Hughes? NO???!!

You mean to tell me the Patriots had Devin McCourty ahead of these players?

Dear God. Not only that, I think McDaniels pulled the rug out from under BB by jumping up and grabbing Tebow. My guess is that BB told McDaniels they were trading down to get Tebow and McDaniels jumped ahead afterwards. (maybe not but, I'm not in a good frame of mind right now)

Might as well start to go over the 5th round players in my draft magazines. I'm sure BB is ready to spend the entire 2nd and 3rd round selections on them and perhaps some 7th rounders.

If I'm the Jets, Dolphins and Broncos, I'm laughing at the Patriots right now.

Day Two better have some BIG surprises for us.