IF We Could Make A Change To The Patriots

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    Re: IF We Could Make A Change To The Patriots

    The only thing I would change is for them to cheat less in order to win.  Don't get me wrong, I'm like everyone else, I'd rather cheat than lose.  But, it would be nice if we could play more like the Colts (honorable, no cheating, etc) and still win.  Of course we all know what happened when we didn't cheat in our last SB, we lost.

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    Re: IF We Could Make A Change To The Patriots

    Mossman:  I'd like to see a more attack style defense.  So tired of the passive style that we'r employed the last 2 seasons because the lack of a true pass rusher. 
    Hopefully we pick up a pass rushing stud in the draft or Peppers/Taylor.  With a dominating defense complementing this years offense, we could finish our 2007 business of going undefeated!
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    Re: IF We Could Make A Change To The Patriots

    I agree with the ticket prices post lol, how is it only one person came up with that idea lol? As a fan and a season ticket holder i hate it when they drive the prices up, its BS. I dont like nor do i care for Patriot Place, I dont tailgate at any of the stupid resturants and i dont shop there as far as i am concerned the only thing worht going to that they built in Patriot Place was the Patriots hall of fame other then that i dont like it so i will be pissed next year when they raise the ticket price during this money melt down the USA is going through right now. So if there was one thing i could change with the Pats right now i would lower the ticket prices so less pink hats could go and more die hard fans could get in to see some games. Also I would like to see some more I formations as I love running with a FB as the lead blocker.
    Posted by MVPkilla

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    Re: IF We Could Make A Change To The Patriots


    I'm a notorious cheapskate, and am also old enough to remember a time when I could fold a twenty-dollar bill into my pocket and drive to Foxboro on Sunday to watch my favorite team get killed.

    Dig this:

    3 bucks to park.
    8 bucks to get in
    9 bucks for beer (3 at three dollars each)

    The funny thing is, I don't live in Massachusetts anymore and have never been to Gillete Stadium, and probably couldn't afford to go given the chance. The Pats came here two seasons ago and I got a great seat in the Metrodome for 85 bucks (which I still think is high). Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you pay something like $135 for endzone seats?

    Dude, that's ridiculous.

    The last game I ever went to in Foxboro was when they beat Cincinnatti to make the playoffs in 1985 (That was the same game where that kid got electrocuted stealing part of the goalpost). The Super Bowl run that year was incredible -- ask your parents -- and Pats fans back then considered beating Miami (Squish the Fish) the biggest victory in Pats history . . . and personally I still think that. But the Sullivans were true sons of the Commonwealth, and they took their fans to the cleaners immediately. Kraft is a great owner and I get that things are more expensive now, but when I hear about this shopping mall attitude at the stadium it makes me wonder what the price of success is. I'll bet you the guys and gals I used to go to the stadium with wouldn't recognize a Pats fan today.

    Good gawd, I have to stop writing these endless posts.

    zbellino, jr.
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    Re: IF We Could Make A Change To The Patriots

    Pmike you are 100% correct, I pay a arm and a leg for good seats but thats what it takes now for a fan to get good seats. I would pay for nose bleed seats if i could but the guy i get my seats off of has good seats and i cant mess up a good thing. 3 bucks a beer makes me want to cry cause i pay like 10 bucks for one beer at the new stadium. As much as I love the Pats I am more offton the not sickened by the Pats fans i see at games, people who dont stand up or cheer for their team people who need an 80 yard bomb in a tight game to get their blood pumping it makes me sad to see. I dont sit for a single defensive play the entire game thats the way i watch football and i am loud and into but there are way more yuppy pink hats in the stands now then there is true fans because most real fans cant afford tickets. Kraft is a bizz ness man and he built that awful Mall around the stadium to make a buck and i get that but i can feel it turning for teh worse around that stadium, pretty soon Kraft will expand his mall and take away MORE  parking from us fans in an attempt to make us stop tailgating on our own and instead pay money to eat at his mall before games, that is his goal, to get more people to PAY to tailgate rather then eating and drinking before games without him making a dollar. Thats why he has his own name brand meats and brats and hot dogs now so he can make a buck off of us tailgating. I can just see it and i hate it.
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    Re: IF We Could Make A Change To The Patriots

    Better D, a CB that can actually cover.  A win at the SB so TB can retire a 4 time SB Champ, deserves nothing less.