If we lose to Carolina....

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    Re: If we lose to Carolina....

    Who cares.  Post this IF they lose to Carolina.
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    Re: If we lose to Carolina....

    I totally agrre with you.  BB is a bumb.. We need to show him the door right now. He'll never work in this league again. He has no clue how to run a football organization. If the Pats lose to the Panthers they should just tear down the stadium. I mean why keep playng if your not winning every game.  Why even wait till sunday. Just blow it all up now. No point in putting it off. This team blows. Tom Brady was never any good.  I'm so glad everyone is finaly realising this. Thank you for coming to your senses and seeing this team for what it really is. Don't let the fact that over the past 10 years the patriots hold almost every team record there is. That shyt is just smoke an mirrors.. Truth is they never have shown that they have any heart or can compete with the good teams in the league. I'm just so glad that the sharade is over.
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    Re: If we lose to Carolina....

    So what happens if they do not lose to Carolina? Geez I agree that this team is not fun to watch now but to start a what if post when they are still very much in the game is pretty odd.
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    Re: If we lose to Carolina....

    In Response to Re: If we lose to Carolina....:
    Ok...Tell me i'm crazy for this sky is falling attitude thats cool...but tell me when you can remember another week where so many questions are being asked..guys that are supposed be stars are being sent home...guys are complainin that guys are laughin and this would have never happened in the ol locker room withTedy n Willie...these guys dont care....Sooooo...to me that translates to a team that is not buying in....So you can come with all these past things and accomplishments and thats fine..Noone can take away our SB's..but what the H ell does it have to do with this season...This is what is so funny to me about you Blind Homers...You have this unbeleivable blind faith for this coach like he is god.,.but you refuse to acknowledge all the things he believes in....Bill will tell you himself that every year is a new year..nobody care what you did last year...etc...and You guys want to talk about winning superbowls....Its been a long time since we beat Philly in the SB...and the only taste I have is the all the losses since.. 05 loss to Denver...06 loss to Indy....07 loss to N.Y..and is stings more every year...so keep holding on to those champship years...even when Brady is gone, and Hoyer is playin..you'll still be relying on that mystique from the glory years...Fact is your sarcism is way off...cuz I never mentioned Brady or anyone like that....so please carry on...are you a Buttt wiper like 24-7, and ignore everything Bill sais and live by and make excuses for him too??
    Posted by patsfan76

    No one is mad, just wait to post until the game is over.

    Where's your follow up, anyway?  If you post stuff like that, at least come back and follow up on it. 
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    Re: If we lose to Carolina....

    patsfan76  ....  you posted this only an hour into the game?  I'd hate to be a student of yours if you were a teacher.  You'd probably fail me for not passing the first quiz of the year!  As Cap and soups said... at least wait a while.  For all we know, the second half today may be just the jump start the team needed to close out the season strong and go into the playofss playing extremely well!