In 2007 the Patriots tried to trade up in the 1st round from 24 to Carolina's pick at 14. Their target, a one Darrrelle Revis. 

The Jets entered into the bidding war and ended up giving the Panthers the 25th, 59th, and 164th(5th round).

Mike Tannenbaum and Mangini were very aggressive in moving up and selecting cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis was best-suited to play in a zone-heavy defensive scheme, which fit BB's and Mangini's defensive style.

(On a side note, this is just another example of how much all the defections from the personnel department and Patriot sidelines through the decade has hurt the organization)

Revis most obviously would have been the Asante replacement which I believe is why the Patriots did what they did with Asante's money situation initially.

At the time of the draft someone had asked me if the Pats should have given up more to top the Jets offer and get Revis. I said no at the time thinking it would be too much.

Recently the same person asked me if now knowing how completely dominant as a shutdown corner Revis is if I thought the Patriots wished they had given that little extra to get him. Probably.

The Patriots stayed at 24 and took Meriweather

Here's the Do-Over part. 

Recently on as well as a number of other sites out there have been giving glowing after glowing report on this kid Joe Hayden CB from Florida. Yesterday I emailed to one site that was dead on about Revis' abilities coming out in 2007 and asked them to compare Revis and Hayden.

Here is the response;

"In the profile I just wrote on Hayden I compared him to Revis.  Hayden
might be a little more mature in his on the field techniques but Revis was
more physical.  If they both came out at the same time I most likely would
have rated both as first round picks but would have rated Hayden ahead of
Revis just because of maturity and program. Florida plays tougher opponents
overall then Pittsburgh."

That's obviously no guarantee of anything and just an opinion from them. I also have no idea what the Patriots think of him.

BUT... if you had an opportunity to get Revis 2.0 in Hayden, would you? Would the Pats, even though they have all that youth at CB now, and other needs?