I'll take it.

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    Re: I'll take it.

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    UGLY.  That game was the most mistake-filled debacle I could have imagined.  Turnovers, miss communication, sub-par day by Brady...I could go on.  Not much went right, yet we still found a way to win.  This W will look just the same as Denver's rout of Baltimore in the standings.  We knew we would have growing pains with all of our youth, and we sure saw that today.  We also saw our team show a ton of heart and grit to not give up and come back to win.  Any road win in the NFL is a great win, especially against a divisional foe on opening day!  Go Pats!

    Wazzu - you and the Pats won't have the luxury to take any more games like this - tough schedule outside of divisional Patsies; and they should have lost this game against a rookie QB in his firts game!!!!!

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    Re: I'll take it.

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    Where are all the people who said the AFC east was a cake walk...? 

    Good win .  Reflect.  Learn.  Get out there Thursday.. . Put in a more focused effort...  And win again.


    It should be. Buf, Jets, and Mia should be push overs if the Pats are right but last night the Pats looked like they were playing preseason game 2. It's a good thing we have 7 preseason games this year because they need a tune up right now.


    Cmon patseng, You are better than this. You and TFB are starting to go off the deep end. A season opener against a division opponent has never been a cakewalk.  Divisions games are mostly close games and the better team will pull away late. This was a new team for both sides with little film. Everything that happened I expected. BB wasnt gonna show much against a running QB. Its hard to blitz a guy who can run. The BIlls have a great D line and good secondary. Miami always plays good D and has a good young QB and weapons. The Jets looked good yesterday getting after Freeman and showing they can move the ball. Its the NFL. Stop looking for blowouts and Enjoy wins no matter how they come. Its only game 1 and we won. By my count, we cant do better than that.