I'm ALREADY Missing Football

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    I'm ALREADY Missing Football

    To ALL:

    Reality check...Right here, here on this very BDC Board:  I'm already missing football.  This is to say, the talk, the fun discussions about nothing and everything regarding Football, that we collectively have, and ALL come up with, and all contribute to on this BDC Board...

    There's a REASON noone likes politics (probably- And especially football fans)...  Politics are boring, And emotionally volatile...and dear god, their fractions and fractures run deep, and altogether unchanging person to person...  Football's fun, and simple, and st#pid because it's just a game and a sport...BUT d#mn man, Jobs s#ck, and obligations s#ck, and my commute s#cks.  Yes, these are important things to deal with and dwell on (except the commute), But KR!ST, not always!  Man, I LOVE talkin' football for the same reason I KNOW you guys luv talkin' football!  It's unifying...and it's pointless in the grand scheme of things...and sometimes this escape to fantasy and fun, a 3rd person game of war and strategy, but not a mortal & trully hurtful game of cheering on battle & startegy, and the st#pidty of 1 american meaningless region vs another american meaningless region, IS a neccessity. 

    It IS not politics...it is NOT trully fracturing, it is not war between nation's or people, or differening ideas...  Bad sh#t mean less in this wonderful and beautiful minor and healthy escape FROM more poignant (and painful hardships)...  Less race, less class differences, less fracturing regions, less fracturing ideals...and often with-IN, or better, through less of these dividing aspects, There's more togetherness, and more commonality between us...  I dig that. 

    I don't wanna sound like a singing circle.  But I already miss, the coolness of agreeing to agree and to come together with even 1 single poster, over some TOTALLY meaningless and ridculous, and very FUN notion...about football.  And I already miss, the pointlessness and unimportant-in-the-grand-scheme, of arguing and fighting over some aspect of a game or a team, that means nothing whatsoever because it's just a game.

    Anyone with me? 
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    Re: I'm ALREADY Missing Football

    In Response to Re: I'm ALREADY Missing Football:
    What happened?
    Posted by BBReigns

    This happened:

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Last Line: "Those that would run their mouth and then run from me, opened their mouth here, with my olive branch extension..."
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    Re: I'm ALREADY Missing Football

    I completely agree Laz

    I hate talking politics and when I feel myself getting frustrated I close out the thread and don't go back. Worst part is normally I love talking with all of you but with only the union verses NFL stuff going on it's killing all conversations and dividing the board. I don't even want to enter threads anymore when I see prolate's name because I know I have my view and they have theirs and we're going to bump heads when previously we had good football conversations. Yet another reason I think negotiations should be held by 3rd party scientist. Scientists would have solved this in less then a day if you take out the lawyers
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    Re: I'm ALREADY Missing Football

    i feel like ive been robbed of my gleeful draft-loving innocence. Like finding out santa claus is a gremlin when hes smelling your face with his tongue.
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    Re: I'm ALREADY Missing Football

    You said the TRUTH, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.
    But you know what? I took the kids fishing this weekend, the wife out to eat at a nice restaurant in Tampa and then it hit's you like a bolt of lightning.

    Why am I letting this NFL Experience bother me so much?

    It's so amazing how people become fans of something and it gets into your system like a drug and low and behold your a hooked junkie!

    With the MAJOR STUPIDITY of both the Owners and the Players, you start to wonder if Football is really worth getting upset about.
    It hits you when you see the disaster that has taken place in Japan, the loss of life, the ruination of parts of the Islands and who knows what will happen with all the radiation and the many years it will affect their culture!

    I can only speak for myself but the way these Men are acting (both Owner and Player) it has turned me off on ever spending ANY money for football in the future. If I ever had any respect for the NFL in the past, it most certainly has been destroyed by this loathing greed!  
    It would be a great uplifting spiritual transaction to see both these foolish sides brought to their knees by the walking away of the fans.

    Unfortunately that wont happen, but it should and needs to. Just to teach people like Jerry Jones and the Players Union a reality check on who really pays the bills!
    Have a great week people! And may God Bless us All! Innocent
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    Re: I'm ALREADY Missing Football

    freeagency/draft is just as fun sometimes as the season. all this bs is making us miss the offseason fun. I hate myself for being so addicted to football, and I know ill be back once this is resolved. im weak. damn them for doing this.

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    Re: I'm ALREADY Missing Football

    you'll know the powers that be want to trigger a revolution when they cancel the nfl season, the biggest opiate of the masses that keeps us from protesting most anything.