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Thats right change your entire defensive philosophy because Haynsworth wants to play in a 4-3. That is such a great idea! Oh wait its one of the dumbest things anyone has ever said on this forum. Get a f*cking clue, players dont dictate sh*t on this team. Haynsworth will either fall in line and get on board with the way we play defense or he will hit the road. What kind of Pats fan says this kind of sh*t? I mean really have you ever even watched the way Belichick does his job?
Posted by MVPkilla4life

Well, for most 3-4 teams it might be a total change in defensive philosophy, but the Patriots of the last 2 years have played a significant percentage of snaps in 4-3 (with an occasional 5-2  thrown in situationally).

I'm not saying the Pats will do it, but they could do it simply by altering the existing playbook. What do you call a team that plays 55% 3-4 and 45% 4-3? That could very well be the Pats D this year.