Impressive "old school" Patriots football stat

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    It's certainly the very definition of unpredictability... and a return to the Patriot way.

    Unpredictictabilty?   Seems that it wasn't a typo at all, Right?  Seems like you messed up in saying 16 diff players caught a pass from TB.    Now, just man up.

    What would you like me to do Pezz?

    Try NOT blaming others for correcting your origional (incorrect post).  And while your at it, could you spell check for me?  Thanks!

    God you're a psycho, who am I blaming again?  And yes you'd be welcome to use the spell check at any time.

    They all are. Babe, Pezzy and Hurlie in particular. They have passive-aggressive disorder and unhealthy man crushes on Tom Brady, a guy who is heterosexual and could care less about them.


    They're Freud's wet dream.

    So, are you backing up Wozzy's incorrect posting of "old School" stat?

    It was not a typo.  It was the whole premise of his posting

    Of, course you would take that and run with it.  You are Freuds only dream.

    Freud designed a couch custom made for you.  For you. 


    I got his point, as did others, even with the typo. The fact is, he's correct. Your sensitivity as to why he likes a balanced offense for this team to win in the postseason for once in 8 years, is pathetic for an adult.

    Please get help for the man lust you have for Brady. I don't care if you have such a problem, but stop projecting it on us here.


    No, he corrected it after being busted and others corrected him.  It was no typo. He said 5 recievers had caught passes last year which is correct and 16 this year and 21 in 2007 which is incorrect.  The comparison was wrong.

    That was his whole premise of posting.  See title!!!!!!!



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    Re: Impressive

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    Hey Pezz how did you like Jackie Macs article on how the Patriots defense has held opposing QB's to a 37 total qbr over the 2nd half of the season(you know the important half) for the last 2 years. Hey it's no big deal to be wrong, "just man up"....

    The fact that she compared the second half to the 30th ranked 1st half says it all.  It does not say they were a good D, it says they were a bad D that improved.

    If they were a good D as you suggest, there would be NO 30th ranking in the first half.

    Really, if you actually looked at it, the second half improvement in Defenses would apply to most teams.  That is why the Pats D moved up a total of one place in the rankings last year, from 32nd to 31st.(In the 2nd half)

    lol....crash and burn pezzy. When you hold opposing QB's to a 37 qbr rating over a 13 game 2nd half of season period for 2 years running then we see just how unimportant that 31st ranking in yards given up really is.

    Hey.... see those straws...keep grasping.

    Umm please show me where they held the opposing teams to a 37 QB rating.  Btw, shouldn't that be 16 games in the second half of 2 years?    Are you leaving out the 3 top games?

    You don't think it's significant that they played mostly bottom 10 Offenses during that time?   Buffalo was the best @14th.  Or that the O scored on average 37+ points in the same time period which helped the D?   Or the fact that 6 of 8 QB's in last years second half were BACK-UPS???  KC averaged 13ppg and Indy 15, for cripes sake.

    Oh my!  Talk about blind and grasping at ANYTHING that can get you where you want to go.

    No, we are in week 14. We have 3 games left to play buddy. Omg you could make an excuse for everything. The defense didn't suck, doesn't suk, etc. etc. 37 QB rating by opposing QB's over the 2nd half of the year since 2010....Wait, that is 3 years, my bad, scratch that, 21 games

    Maday Mada,y pezz crashing and burning. Hey just man up right?



    Patriots' defense since 2010  1st half of season2nd half of season Opp Total YPG 390.8 381.5 Opp Pass YPG 288.0 264.3 Opp Rush YPG 102.8 117.2 Opp PPG 22.6 18.7 Opp Total

    1st half QBR 68.6 (30th in NFL)

     2nd half QBR 37.4 (2nd in NFL)


    Not coincidentally, as the team peaks in the final weeks, the defense's performance improves significantly.

    According to ESPN Stats & Information, since 2010, opposing quarterbacks in the first half of the season registered a Total QBR of 68.6 against the Patriots, which left New England ranked 30th in the NFL.

    But, in a dramatic turnaround, the Total QBR for opposing quarterbacks over the second half of the season dropped to 37.4, or second-best in the league.

    LOL, I see... That's ESPN's new QB rating.  Sorry I missed that.

    So what was the actual (you know the one used for 60 years) QB rating of those back-up, bottom of the league in offense QB's?

    Were there any other teams that played KC's back-up, Colts back-up, Miami's back-up, Denvers back-up,  washingtons back up and philly's back-up, in the second half of last year?

    LOL!  The Only starters were Fitz and Sanchez, if you want to call them that.

    IT WAS FOR 3 YEARS YOU JACK A$$. WAKE UP. WAKE UP. WAKE UP. Now you don't respect total QBR. You are no longer worth speaking to. You would argue till death that the sky is not blue, that water is not wet and that Judas never grabbed the Romans while jesus slept.

    that was song reference btw, the last thing I want to hear is your biblical points of view. I'd rather take a bath with my toaster oven. 

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