improvement each week

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    improvement each week

    Each week the PATS as a team are getting better and better, both offensively and defensively.  And, certain players are surely showing individual improvement i.e. Brady, Merriweather, Vollmer, Guyton, McGowan, Banta-Cain, Aiken, Pryor, just to name those who have impressed me over the last few weeks.

    However, that being said, can the PATS, now that they have feasted on a couple of 'JV' teams, continue their success against some varsity teams, namely the Dolphins and Colts?

    And I would not be too quick to dismiss the Dolphins. 

    I do like what I've been seeing.  Granted, there are some areas and/or weaknesses that must be addressed, but this group is really starting to take shape as their identity evolves.
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    Re: improvement each week

    I was watching the Dolphins.  Look good.  But, I think we can get past them.  We play a more gap control oriented defense, and that will work well against the wildcat.  Henne will have to beat us on his own, and I am beginning to like our secondary more.  The Colts, well, thats a tougher one, but I dont see why not.  At the current rate of improvement, we can do it.  Jets for sure we can beat at home.  Saints look tough again.  After that we have a good run of "B" teams right up to the Texans.  I'm calling it 12-4 for the season, #2 seed.