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In a dream world...

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    In a dream world...

    ... the Patriots win out.  They need the momentum and confidence.  They need the road wins.  They need the ability to acknowledge the pressure of having to win each game and then the confidence that comes with doing it.

    ... The Bengals beat Pittsburgh, then lose to either the Jets or Kansas City

    ... The Chargers lose to the Bengals and then lose to the Titans (a loss to Washington wouldn't help the Patriots)

    ... The Patriots get the #2 seed

    ... Only if the Patriots look like they could get the #2 seed (by beating Buffalo and Jacksonville, and by the Bengals and Titans beating the Chargers somehow), then I'd want the Steelers to win out and get the #6 seed so they'd go to Indianapolis in the second round.

    Like I said, it's living in a dream world, but if I want things to go the Patriots' way, then I should at least know for whom I'm cheering to pull off upsets so it can happen.  Yes, I know the Chargers are playing well and play their best in December.  Yes, I know it's far from given that this vulnerable Pats team will win out.  But if I'm going to dream, then I'm dreaming big.
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    Re: In a dream world...

    I'd like your dream scenario better if it didn't necessitate the Cincy Bungles winning anything. How that team got to 9-4 is a puzzlement to me.
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    Re: In a dream world...

    No real comment on this season but at least we can still dream.

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    Re: In a dream world...

    I'm with you Nick