Injuries killed us this year

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    Injuries killed us this year

    It all started last season with Brady's season ending knee injury which ended up affecting this season.

    He had a slow start, so did the offense, many people attributed that towards Brady's knee.

    Everyone was chomping at the bit to see how Jerod Mayo would follow up his awesome rookie season.

    In the first game he sprained his knee, and never really recovered. He would miss tackles and not make the type of plays he routinely made last year.

    Not having brady and mayo 100% throughout the season really hurt us. Especialy with the young team and new faces on this team.

    When you add in, Moss was playing with a bad back, Welker missed 3 games and the playoff game, wilfork and ty warren missed time as well and We were in need of a 3rd option at receiver, brandon tate showed some promise against Tampa then ended up in IR. Julian Edelman was coming on strong then he broke his forearm and missed crucial time, leaving us having to rely on Sam Aiken who is better suited for special teams duties.

    I know every team has to deal with injuries but look at the teams that are playing in the divisional playoffs.

    The cowboys have no one on IR! no one!

    the vikings lost E.J Henderson we will see how they hold up without him in the playoffs.

    Saints havent lost anyone significant.

    Cardinals aside from the usual hobbled up Boldin are still in-tact.

    Colts have had a few injuries on their defense but no one as significant as welker or jerod mayo.

    chargers lost jamal williams early in the season and their defense wasnt stopping anyone until the last few weeks of the season. Their healthy offense carried that team throughout the season.

    the jets lost kris jenkins, but thats about it.

    the ravens seem like they got healthy at the right time. Suggs missed some time so did ed reed. Now with them both healthy their defense looks like the old ravens defense. Good enough to beat any team in the playoffs.

    The patriots had to deal with significant injuried throughout the season and loosing welker (our team MVP) one week before the playoffs put the cherry on top of this injury plagued season.

    next season with Mayo 100% and Brady 100% and randy 100% i think we can still be a top tier team. A lot will change from now til then though........ cant wait for the draft.

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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    Injuries are a part of the game. We had the most injuries out of any team in 2003 and won a Super Bowl. Hopefully we can bring in better assistant coaches, stop the front office exodus, and continue to bring in good players.

    Funny Jints Fan is back after your team almost gave up a century mark in 2 games.
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    How do you define significant? How about Leon Washington? Saints started a street free agent in the game against NE. Heath Evans on IR. Shockey missed several games.

    Dallas had Columbo miss at least 10 games. KR Allan Rossum on hurt in his first game he played with them and released rather than placed on IR.

    Every team has injuries, some have more than others. Playing the injury card this year isn't going to work for the Pats.
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    Injuries are part of football and I agree with Wizardsjag in that 2003 seemed much worse than 2009. In 2004 we played the highflying Colts without Seymour and Ty Law in the playoffs and won handily with probably the best defensive performance the Pats ever gave in the playoffs. I seem to remember Troy Brown playing a lot that game as a defensive back. 
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    In most years I would agree with you.  The Pats are usually among the most injured teams in the NFL.  Not my opinion, a reporter from the Dallas Morning News researched the last decade.  As pointed out above, we won it all in 2003 despite having the most injuries of any team.  Only one year (2001) were we in the top 10 healthy teams.

    However, this year I think we've had a fairly normal amount of injuries.  We had them, but it's usually worse.  There are a lot of factors behind our mediocre season this year.  I just can't see injuries contributing much to our problems this year.  Heck, our O-Line was finally healthy and fully intact for the Ravens game.  That didn't stop them from giving the Ravens a clear path to Brady.  Maroney had his first injury free year, only to start fumbling in critical moments.  Brady has been playing hurt, but I'm not ready to pin all of his woes on his injuries.  Anyway, a lot of things didn't go well this year.
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    Are injuries the problem or is it lack of depth???  The Pats always were able to replace injured players during their Super Bowl runs.  I think that's a bit of a cop out and doesn't address what's really wrong with the team.
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    Are you kidding me?  This is sarcasm, right?

    All of the guys you mentioned played. 

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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    No Excuses....we did not have the personel to overcome the injuries.....
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    lack of depth.  Injuries are part of the game. 

    (PS_ still not sure why the heck BB played any of his starters in that Houston game - Could have used it as a bye week (which most pats needed it) Waste of game  of course WWelker got hurt. Dumb - should have never happened as BB knew the field was a joke before the game even happened! - All the more he should have told em to wear a hat and get ready for wildcard weekend)
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    shpould have played the backups in houston and against ravens. at least they could have stopped somebody.
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    Injuries killed us this year?  Really?  I thought it might be more like...excuses.  After all, if one chucks the injury bit, one could certainly land a number of other issues.  Of course, the Pats used the injury card last year (i.e. with Brady out). 

    Ya can't keep throwing down that get out of performance free card that lists injuries as the cause of it all.
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    I truly hope this was a joke post. This is so wrong.

    We lost one player to IR that really mattered and it was in the last game of the season.

    I would argue this sheds a light on just how thin our quality of depth has gotten on this roster over the recent years. The Patriots have not only survived but continued to flourish under much more injury adverse seasons than this.

    ...and as far as playoff teams , in general, it's almost always the teams that stay relatively healthy every year.
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    How is losing Welker worse than losing multiple starters? If your argument is really that the talent and team is so bad right now that they can't over come a single injury to a critical starter then maybe you have something; if not i don't see your point.


    Starting WR Wes Welker put on injured reserve missed 1 game

    9 total players placed on injured reserve

    Forget 2003 and 2004 even... what about 2006 and 2008


    Starting Safety Rodney Harrison missed 11 games

    Staring Safety Eugene Wilson missed 14 games and was put on injured reserve

    Staring CB Randall Gay missed 15 games and was put on injured reserve

    Starting LB Junior Seau put on injured reserve missed 4 games

    Starting Punters Josh Miller and Ken Walter both put on injured reserve

    17 total players placed on injured reserve


    Starting LB Adalius Thomas put on injured reserve missed 8 games

    Starting QB Tom Brady put on injured reserve missed 16 games

    Starting RB Laurence Maroney put on injured reserve missed 9 games

    Starting Safety Rodney Harrison put on injured reserve missed 9 games

    14 total players placed on injured reserve
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

     "Injuries killed us this year"

    No, Horrible coaching and Personal decisions over the last few years have killed us.
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    Re: Injuries killed us this year

    It sickens me that Pats fan stoop to the "excuse" meter to try and explain away a HUGE playoff bust. Cripes, we're no better than the JESTS!, Colts, Squeelers, Bolts, and the occaisional Brokeback trolls that find their way here. Sorry, but Sunday amounted to the Pats bringing a stick to a gun fight..... and a short weeping willow branch at that. My take is that ATTITUDE cost them. It was like: "Sure, we can give away games to the Colts, JESTS!, Broncos, and Fins! We can always turn it back on when we want to." Witness no consistent winning streek this season. In past years, guys would step up and do the job. Sorry, but no one stepped up consistently on defense to provide LEADERSHIP after Seymour, Bruschi, Harrision, et al, left. How do you blame injuries on the defense blowing late leads? Maroney fumbling inside the 2 yard line? Dropped and over thrown balls By Brady and the WR's? They didn't consistently play with that old Patriot ATTITUDE. I believe that was a part of BB's sending home Thomas et al on Snow Day.  

    THEY GOT BEAT! They came out flatter than Kansas and showed no emotion until after it was 24-0, when Faulk went nuts on the sideline. Something seemed to register with that tirade as they played the Ravens 14-9 the rest of the way, in a tight way that we all believed the game would ultimately turn out. But, they GAVE AWAY the 1st quarter. Brady fumbling had absolutely nothing to do with Welker not playing. The INT's had absolutely nothing with Welker not playing. Dropped passes and over throws had absolutely nothing to do with Welker not playing. The 1st play TD run had absolutely nothingt o do with Welker not playing. The defense gettign absolutely abused, manhandled,a nd gashed for 240 yards on teh griound had positively/absolutely nothing to do with Welker not playing. Before excusing this fiasco off to injuries, remember this: even with all te eseason injuries, they STILL made the playoffs by winning the division. If it was good enough to get them there, why the absolutely abysmal performance?

    In 2008, the Pats finished 11-5 and out of the playoffs. Why? How does 5 conference losses grab you? All to playoff teams and 1 to the JESTS!. Let's look at the 2009 season: 6 losses, 5 to AFC teams, all in the playoffs, except for the Brokebacks. Let's connect the dots, to coin a phrase, and say that the Pats cannot beat the upper echelon of the AFC right now? Again, injuries have NOTHING to do with this. Not when you're blowing 4th quarter leads against teams you never should! ATTITUDE keeps you strong to finish strong. 

    Let me address the coaching. Before throwing them under teh Whiuen Express, remember they must have done somethign right to get this team to 10-6. It was their game planning that allowed the Pats to blow several 4th quarter leads. The plans worked; it was the execution that caused the problems. THis seemed to happen with the famous 4th and 2 vs Indy. Football 101 says that, if you need 2 yards, you run a 4 yard route, allowing you teh chance to COME BACK TO CATCH THE BALL if needed, and still have enough for a 1st down. Faulk didn't go deep enough, and Brady looking that way after teh snap didn't help much either. Then, the defense played like they felt like, no make that KNEW that Payaton was going to get a TD.......  ATTITUDE!

    I look at this 2009 season as successful in as much that they regained the divisional crown, won double digit games, and made the playoffs. But, seeing how they lost 6, they are not near as good as we either think they are OR what we want them to be. Alleged and honest Pats fans who can't accept this remind me of the Little LEague Mommy who can't accept that her little Johnny is not a league all star: BECAUSE HE'S NOT AS GOOD AS YOU THINK HE IS! As soon as you can deal witht hat vfact the better off you'll be.

    TIme to get tough again and start playing smart Patriot Ball in 2010.