2004 lost Ty Law and so many other cbs that we had Troy Brown playing.

2010 GB lost what seemed like a quarter of there starters.


This season: 

Bal loses Webb and Lewis

Pitt loses Polamalu and Roethlisberger

Hou loses Cushing

Gb loses Jennings

Pats lose Hernandez and Gronk

etc, etc.


Other than for maybe GB, you can still argue that the Pats have the best injury situation. No significant players lost for the playoffs yet.

I'll admit, I was bummed after hearing about Gronk. But I still fully expect this offense to be dominant. It's ridiculous how many options Brady has these days. Other than maybe at the QB position, Super Bowl caliber teams can whether the storm of losing any other player.

If this offense is truly great, this team should still win at least 4 of their remaining 6. If the team stumbles, then we were probably never Super Bowl caliber.

Hernandez, Edelman, Welker, Lloyd, Ridley, Woodhead, Vereen and of course Brady. More play makers on this team than MIA, NYJ and JAX combined.