Injury numbers

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    Injury numbers

    Games Missed By Starters

    Games missed by starters due to injury or suspension through 15 games over the past four seasons.

    Team 2013 2012 2011 2010 ARZ 54 44 38 29 ATL 69 30 31 13 BAL 34 58 24 43 BUF 35 50 79 53 CAR 52 56 77 61 CHI 47 20 52 19 CIN 31 51 40 36 CLE 23 52 47 42 DAL 53 65 34 23 DEN 61 58 30 41 DET 34 64 22 52 GB 56 77 42 83 HOU 45 22 33 33 IND 52 59 83 64 JAX 55 63 37 34 KC 21 51 50 18 MIA 30 19 24 34 MIN 44 26 34 42 NE 62 35 72 71 NO 71 21 17 30 NYG 87 41 62 25 NYJ 11 43 19 30 OAK 78 46 51 25 PHI 26 57 19 40 PIT 47 62 53 47 SD 74 35 59 63 SEA 64 13 62 51 SF 42 6 19 32 STL 41 25 72 33 TB 51 50 34 47 TEN 25 45 29 34 WAS 39 70 58 28 Total 1,514 1,414 1,403 1,276 Source: John Clayton's research
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    Re: Injury numbers

    looks like we need new conditioning coach.

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    Re: Injury numbers

    ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick is blaming recently instituted NFL rules shortening offseason practice time for what he claims to be an increasing number of player injuries.


    ''I'm in favor of total preparation for the players for the season,'' Belichick said during a conference call with Buffalo reporters this week in leading up to New England's home game against the Bills on Sunday. ''And I think that's been changed significantly and, I would say, not necessarily for the better when you look at the injury numbers.''

    Belichick said players are more vulnerable to being hurt because they're less prepared, and described the limits placed on offseason workouts - including training camp - as being counterproductive.

    ''Personally, I think that's taking the wrong approach,'' he said. ''You have a gap between preparation and competition level. And I think that's where you see a lot of injuries occurring. We get a lot of breakdowns. We get a lot of situations that players just aren't as prepared as they were in previous years, in my experience anyway.''

    Belichick was specifically challenging several new rules negotiated into the NFL labor deal that ended an offseason-long lockout in 2011.

    Teams were prevented from holding two-a-day practices during training camp. Limits were also placed on how many times players practiced in pads throughout the year. In the spring, offseason team activity time was reduced from 14 to nine weeks (10 if the team changed head coaches).

    What's in question is whether injuries are, in fact, on the rise in the NFL, as Belichick suggested.

    Though he didn't cite specific numbers, Belichick said he was citing ''a matter of record not opinion,'' in saying injuries league-wide have been on the rise over the past three years.

    League spokesman Michael Signora disputed Belichick's assertions.

    ''We carefully monitor player injuries,'' Signora said. ''There is no evidence that the new work rules have had an adverse effect on the injury rate or that injuries have in fact increased.''

    The NFL declined to released its numbers. But according to STATS, the number of NFL players finishing a season on injured reserve has risen significantly over the past 14 seasons.

    From 2000-06, there was an average of 239 players on IR. That average has jumped to about 314 over the past seven years.

    The low over that span was 192 in 2001, with the high being 353 in 2010, but that was before the new offseason rules came into effect.

    As of Monday, there were 288 players on IR, the lowest total since 287 in 2008.

    Those figures, however, don't include players who have been on injured reserve and released by their teams during the season.

    It has also been difficult to measure how many regulars have missed games due to injury.

    The Patriots (11-4) have been beset by a rash of injuries to key contributors this season. They have six starters on IR, including tight end Rob Gronkowski (right knee), offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer, linebacker Jerod Mayo, defensive lineman Vince Wilford (Achilles tendon) and safety Adrian Wilson.

    Belichick insists injuries are up.

    ''When you see the number as high as they are, then I don't think that's a randomness that's been two years in a row,'' Belichick said. ''I've got to think there's some correlation there.''

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    Re: Injury numbers

    Looks like Miami has had a pretty good run of luck the past 4 years and before this year New Orleans was even better.

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    Re: Injury numbers

    SF with only 6 in 2012. No wonder they went to the super bowl.