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Apart from the fact that the original article in this thread actually used a Mel Kiper reference (actually had to force my fingers to type that name), I happen to believe that cutting Amendola after one season makes absolutely zero sense.  Salary cap considerations aside, the guy had a productive season.  Yes, I actually typed that.  The kind of season that many expected?  Probably not.  The kind that would warrant what they are paying him?  Open to discussion.  Amendola's numbers first, Welker's second:

Games played:  12/13

Receptions:  54/73

Total yards:  633/778

YPG:  52.8/59.8

AYPG:  11.7/10.7

Of course Welker had a better season.  Why wouldn't he given the array of passing offense weapons that Manning had? 

Let's see what Amendola does next year and then revisit the matter.

I am not getting the reference to Wes, and what it means to the discussion?

When you say, "lets see what Amendola does next season and revisit the matter"...are you thinking that Edelman is signed or not? The gist of the discussion is that the Pats cannot sign Edelman with Amendolas contract on the books.

In re-reading the thread I see where I went off topic.  Point taken.

If the cap situation is so severe they can't afford both Edelman and Amendola then that's pretty tough.  No question Edeleman had a great year but it's one year of staying healthy and productive.  I don't see the Pats laying out Amendola's $$ for him although I'd like to see him stay.  Amendola isn't going anywhere - yet.