Interesting stat t+article hat explains y we do so horribly with flankers but great with slotsluts!

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    Re: Interesting stat t+article hat explains y we do so horribly with flankers but great with slotsluts!

    lol "slotslut"

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    Re: Interesting stat t+article hat explains y we do so horribly with flankers but great with slotsluts!

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    it makes a lot of sense to me. everyine focuses on 40 times but not bb. explains a guy like lloyd. can see him being a great 3- cone guy as they like it. diito with chad the jackson, chad the johnson (no more chads please)... and trevor the price was wrong. hightlight of article:

    That’s why you can trace so many of their picks at the position the last few seasons to guys who do well in the agility drills as collegians, particularly the 3-cone. Julian Edelman, Wes Welker, Deion Branch, Nate Ebner and Devin McCourty all displayed great agility by posting excellent 3-cone times as collegians. add emanuel sanders to that list. he was second best in his draft class amongst wrs and would be the third best 3-cone guy at this year's draft at 6.6.. thrn again, he also once ran a 4.4 in college.

    Danny Amendola also tested as a collegian when it came to the agility drills. Before going undrafted in 2009, the Texas Tech product posted a 6.81 in the 3-cone drill time and a 4.25 when in the 20-yard shuttle, both considered excellent times. great slotslut work.





    That's correct. BB loves the cone drills. If you have good feet, you're on the list. I think where he's missed is injury issues/durability (Price) and IQ (Chad Jackson).


    Also, barring the slot WR being dumb or whatnot, there are less routes in the route tree in the middle of the field. Welker ran basically like 5 routes.

    So, barring not seeing man or zone and understanding a possible adjustment, pre snap,

    This is why it would be an upgrade to have the same kind of route runner that you can line up in the X, Y or Z.

    This would be a shift back to more Weis style plays, IMO.  They got away from this more and more and more since 2005, and especially since 2007 when Moss/Welker changed it all. It didn't matter who the other WRs were when those two were here, really.  In 2010, the twp TEs helped tweak the offense for the better, but without a good match at the X, an older Branch in 2012, the X and Zs are really of importance. Welker could not legitimately provied us with a Z or Z option that teams respected.  He has to run further to get open, etc. He was a decoy in those roles.

    But, if BB brings in a Emmanuel Sanders, maybe Chicago cuts Earl Bennett, I would be thrilled, THRILLED, with 3 starters like Amendola, Bennett and Sanders, with Donald Jones as a 1 year junior project as the 4th WR.

    That would make that offense as balanced and has hard to defend as any BB has fielded here.


    Another point is that they tried to do the two tight end offense once before when they drafted Graham in the first round (the Gronk-like TE) and Watson another first rounder who was the Hernandez style tight end. More athetlic and versatile. Both were decent but not even close to what was expected and the pats had to rely more on Givens, Branch, Brown and even Patten to some extent if Branch was hurt. Imagine if Watson and Graham turned out like Gronk/Hernandez and you had that solid receiving corp, nothing special like Moss/Welk/Stallworth but very productive, how good that offense would be. Add in Dillon and Faulk and oh man. Scary. This is how I see our offense trending towards, at least I hope. Bennett or Sanders would be great. If they draft a guy, that's awesome too. But that's where I see it going. I know that Graham and Watson weren't drafted in the same year, but I think that's what they had in mind.

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    Re: Interesting stat t+article hat explains y we do so horribly with flankers but great with slotsluts!

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    I think a lot of the problem is on Brady as well. If a WR, be it wide out or slot, is not in the exact spot that he needs to be, TB wont throw the ball to him. This mentality needs to change quickly, because there will be a whole new set of WR's here in July. Can you imagine if TB and Amendola cant "get on the same page"? Meaning Amendola isnt exactly in the perfect spot, and TB wont release the ball.

    You need 3 hands to count the WR's that have come thru here that could not get on the same page as TB...Holt, Galloway, Jackson, Price, Tate, Gabriel, Ocho, etc, etc....for every Branch, Wes and Gaffney, there are 5 who could not do it

    I never really bought this argument tbh. Occam's Razor would suggest that the superior explanation is that these guys who don't work out are just bad.  None of the guys you listed went on to do anything else after they left NE.

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