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Hoody is in his golden years and I think he is putting it in perspective. I told someone early on that Billicheck is checking off his bucket list now w/ the chad signing and becoming more loose knowing his career is winding down, but make no mistake he aint going anywhere yet.  I think his Goal is 5 rings as a head coach!
Posted by JayShizzle45

my goal was 5 for brady, at least 5 for him, but hoping for one more team build and attempt at multiple trophies with that team (after brady).

what else is he gonna do.
when you love something and you would do it paid or not, why retire.
2ndly retirement is the next step before getting ready to kick it.
in other cultures people dont retire. they continue doing what they do. shoe horses, skilled trade whatever.
my grandfather continued his business tillhe was in his 80s and died at 98.
even then he worked all day in into his 90's.