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Interesting take on Pats cap position

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    Re: Interesting take on Pats cap position

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    By the way Queenie, looks like your guy, BB, wasted another year of Tom Brady's career by ignoring that defense.  It was not surprising to see that he is one step closer to admitting that McCourty is yet another high round bust.  Step one, move him to another position where his inability to cover NFL wide receivers is not exposed on every play. Step 2, cut him during his rookie contract.  Hey, remember that time that you said that those rookie busts would easily replace the productivity of Carter & Anderson?  How'd that work out with those 20 sacks?  Was that a top 10 D like you guaranteed?


    It looks like Tom Brady himself is wasting years of his career.  Allowing 7 points in a title game by halftime is a lot better than your Jets allowing 24 points by halftime in the 2010 AFC title game.


    That, I know.

    What rookie "busts"? The ones on the Jets? 

    Ronnie Lott was moved to Safety from CB, too.   It has nothing to do with talent level, but how to best use a skill set. My god, you're still as dumb as you were before, aren't you?

    Look at RKarp, Hurlie and the other Jets fan, Phat Rex, walking arm in arm in trolldom. Just like old times for Mr. 2 degrees, Mr. Cupcake and Mr. Virgin.

    Good work, fellas!


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