Interesting Wendell read

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    Re: Interesting Wendell read


    Scarnecchia is good at getting the most out of his players, but center and right guard have been weak points on the Pats' line for a while.  I have said many times that the O line looks a lot better than it really is because of Brady and his quick decision making.  I thought the center of the line looked particularly bad last week early in the game.  It tightened up later, but there was a lot of penetration through the middle of the line early on.  Solder, Mankins, and Vollmer are all solid players, but Connolly and Wendell are better depth options than starters.  






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    Re: Interesting Wendell read

    I have been a lil worried about having a smallish Wendell at center with Connolly - one ot the other but not both?

    I  was surprised to see waters playing for Dallas, He is playing real well. if Dallas does anything it's cause they finely have an Oline. Waters with Connolly at center would be better? maybe Cannon plays guard and Connolly goes to ctr?

    So what happened with Waters? He did take a year off? 

    And on the other side, Damian Woody said he felt the Pats had one of the three best olines?
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    Re: Interesting Wendell read

    Good read. Thanks for posting, rkarp. Supporting Pro's point above, I too have been worried about the offensive line's ability to sustain longer pass protection as the Patriots move away from hurry-up offense and quick short passes. Wendell looks like he needs to more effectively use his lower center of gravity leverage to stand up aggressive nose tackles longer on pass plays. He is a good snapper though (job #1) and does use his leverage much better on running plays, turning nose tackles and creating lanes for the backs. It's hard for us fans to measure his value as a quick reader of defensive shifts but presumably that's something he is good at or he wouldn't have had a lock on the position for the last couple of years.