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    Re: Investigation

    Guess that Sports Science video breakdown refutes the non catchable theory eh? Where are all the morons who said "buh...buh...buh..but it was uncatchable!". Idiots. Should all receive a two week ban and IP ban. Corruption at the NFL level proven.

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    Re: Investigation

    I had heard from a credible source that Belichick and Kraft were going to submit a request for investigation to the NFL front office, but I haven't heard anything yet. Have any of you heard anything?

    I'm wondering if the NFL front office will ADMIT the referees mistake cost the Pats a crucial victory and possibly award us with something (i.e. draft pick or some form of compensation). They ABSOLUTELY SHOULD seeing it cost us in the W/L column. I'm STILL PISSED off as hell and on the verge of never watching NFL football again, so if the NFL front office has ANY concerns with making sure the most LOYAL, CLASSY, and KNOWLEDGEABLE fanbase in the NFL (PATS FANS) don't start giving up on the NFL, then something NEEDS to be done NOW!!!

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    Re: Investigation

    In response to AFNAV130's comment:

    When is it going to start? How do you get one started? Is it not time? Think about the last several years, not just a Patriots. 

    Should have started in 2010 after this play.