Irsay Clipped With 25K

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    Re: Irsay Clipped With 25K

    His fine from the nfl should be at least half a mil

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    Re: Irsay Clipped With 25K

    I'm carrying large sums of cash around illegal?

    I think the guy is a personal train wreck...and it seems plausible the cash was to buy a large amount of drugs, likely pills.

    Do I think he is a dealer or some kind of king pin?...ummmm, no. Judging by his appearence on the video getting walked into the police station...he's a guy that loves attention, won't admit that he's too old to be acting and dressing like he does, and loves to be a 'big shot'. I bet he absolutely relishes going into some nice bar or night spot and throwing around dozens of c-notes. I can imagine him going to a strip club and shoving hundreds down a thong like regular people would singles...just because he's such a big his own mind. Look at his twitter...he loves attention, he loves being boistrous, he loves being immature. All well and good, honestly, good for him. As an NFL owner however...not so ok. Daddy provided a little too long and little Irsay needs to do a little growing up if he doesn't want to lose control of his golden goose.

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    Re: Irsay Clipped With 25K

    In response to DougIrwin's comment:

    This should get very interesting here.....Pulled while whacked and with 25K in cash while high and drunk.

    Was he dealing and running a larger operation?



    Its almost a crime that he ended up with the "Tiger", paid 800 large as I recall.