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is anybody happy with this draft?

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    Re: is anybody happy with this draft?

    yes future hall of famer is off the ledge, but why not everybody else is off the ledge like we left a future hall of famer pass rusher in the draft.  just saying we did in fact address some needs and the draft is 1 part of 3 to building your team.  free agency and trades the other 2.  plus with a potential lockout any olb drafted this year may not contribute to the team this season anyway.  so settle down and let the off season unfold.  we got some good players that should help this team.  we didn't address every need but nobody does.  IE you need depth at rb and now we have it.  ochocinco is coming in as a 1 or 2 year fix and hoyer is being traded for someones olb.  wait and see.  breathe.
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    Re: is anybody happy with this draft?

    When you think that Solder is possibly the tackle of the future and if Dowling stays healthy you may not have to draft anymore cb's for a while.  We wanted a RB.  We got 2.  One is a thumper with good cuts and decent speed.  the Other is a versatile back able to catch, run but is strong enough to play all downs. 
    I dont really like the qb pick, I would have liked them to just take the best DE/OLB available as atleast that player would have a better chance of helping right away..Mallet is not playing anytime soon.  I guess I dont mind as much cuz I know B.B. probably doesnt like certain players for whatever reason....he will get a couple 2nd day guys at LB/DE and hope he can find a gem...