"Why go to K.C, where at best they are a rebuilding second tier club that will get almost no national media coverage !!"

So let's get this straight. You want Weis to wait on a chance to be the OC of the Chiefs into the playoff offseason, when the position will most likely be filled, only to find out if the Pats might want to make a change? 

You realize if he were to come back to New England and not win a Super Bowl that would be regarded as a failure right? At KC, as long as the team improves, he's a success. Plus he might advance to head coach someday there, you don't know what was said behind closed doors. 

Perhaps there is a discussion to be had about the fact that coach BB has flaws - I for one already comfortable with the fact that he is imperfect - but I don't think you can throw not rehiring Weis into that. 

So, back to the drawing board, or, working on a time machine maybe.