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Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    You do realize if you don't drop back an obscene 58 times, dude. 58.....This means the odds for your OL to make a mistake or not be 100% perfect, go up..right?
    Nate Solder is to blame because on 58 drop backs in a shotgun he wasn't 100% perfect? Make sense much?

    You get this concept, right? It's called the odds. No team since 2007 has put more pressure on their O LIne than this team. No team.

    End of story.

    RUN THE BALL AND PUT BRADY  UNDER CENTER FOR 60% of games from here on out or people like you don't get to say jack squat. The ignorance is unparelled in any fanbase in sports right now, on ANY topic.

    Only a  portion of a fanbase madly in love with Tom Brady would see their team run amuck for 200 yards in 2 straight weeks and then not see why it's not's relevant to establish a run against a good D on the road in the toughest place in the NFL to play.


    Read a book. My god almighty.

    This entire post is a perfect example of why nobody on this board takes you seriously.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the post you are "responding" to.  It is a fact that Solder got beat on the pivotal sack of Brady near the end of the Seattle game.  All you do in response is attack straw men and regurgitate the same tired "points" you have been spamming this board with since I started posting here.  Nothing you posted refutes the content of my post because it has nothing to do with what I posted and in typical fashion you choose to end your "response" by insulting my intelligence.  Have you noticed that nobody on this board (including guys like TrueChamp and wozzy) agree with your insane agenda of bashing our QB repeatedly?  Take a hint and chill the f out.


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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

    In response to BabeParilli's comment:


    You had better clear this with PatsEng because he has implied the late crucial drives Brady has been sacked in for all 3 losses were his fault, not the protection. Same old nonsense around this place, constantly.

    Nah he cleared that up already.  From his earlier post during our exchange:

    "I would say the Sea one was on the OL for sure and the Bal one the sack was the right call. The Pats had the lead at that point and needed to burn clock.

    In the Cards game he was never actually sacked in the final drive so right there Babe is wrong.


    So to tally

    in Cards loss - never sacked

    in Bal loss - taking sack was the wise move since they were trying to kill clock and had lead

    in Sea loss - sack was called by OL


    Only once in those 3 loses was throwing the ball away to avoid a sack the wise move and in that one case the OL was the direct result for the sack"

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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

    That wasn't the last drive of the game and more importantly it didn't have an impact on the outcome of the game as we scored on that drive.  I'll give him a pass on that.

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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

    Wow Babe not hard to prove you lied at all. You claimed he was sacked in the 3 losses in the last drive off the game. He was never sacked in the last drive of the cards game. The last drive started with 1:01 left on the clock it went as such:

    1. New England Patriots at 01:01
    2. 1-10-ARI 30 (1:01) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete short left to 83-W.Welker.
    3. 2-10-ARI 30 (:58) (Shotgun) 39-D.Woodhead up the middle for 30 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. PENALTY on NE-87-R.Gronkowski, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at ARI 20.
    4. 2-10-ARI 30 (:52) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass short left to 83-W.Welker ran ob at ARI 18 for 12 yards.
    5. 1-10-ARI 18 (:46) 12-T.Brady right guard to ARI 17 for 1 yard. PENALTY on NE-87-R.Gronkowski, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at ARI 18 - No Play.
    6. 1-15-ARI 23 (:46) 12-T.Brady right guard to ARI 24 for -1 yards (93-C.Campbell). (not considered a sack constituted by the NFL but as a rushing attempt because he rushed to setup location of the kick)
    7. 2-16-ARI 24 (:07) 12-T.Brady spiked the ball to stop the clock.
    8. 3-16-ARI 24 (:05) 3-S.Gostkowski 42 yard field goal is No Good, Wide Left, Center-48-D.Aiken, Holder-14-Z.Mesko.

    Right there I don't have to go further.


    BTW I never said Brady was at fault for any of them specifically and said it was the OL's fault in the Sea game anyone can see that, yet another thing you are lying about. Do you just see what you want and not actually read anything? You love to call me a liar when it's plan as day you toss out these wild accusations with no evidence to back them up and then change your story when you realize you are wrong. Now stop with the character assassination.

    Jeez is like dealing with a kid who was caught. Try to change his story then make stuff up to discredit his confronter

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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    In response to danemcmenamin's comment:

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    In response to danemcmenamin's comment:

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    It wasn't quite as effective?  How can run the ball out of a shotgun spread base?

    WHY DON'T YOU GET THAT??? Are you this daft? Running draws 15% of the time isn't establishing a run game on the road.

    Jesus. Learn the game, please.  You don't see a problem with 2 games in a row, albeit against bad run Ds with over 200 yards rushing and the fact we never genuinely tried to do it in the first half vs Seattle?

    Make sense much?

    Ridley is a "bargain shelf" RB?  Bolden looks very good so even if he's not healthy last week, don't change what you do well simply because you don't get the ultra perfect personnel choices to run your offense.

    Our offenses under Weis were chameleons. Every player did everything well and generally speaking, so do these players on offense.

    They should have kept Fells in line with Gronk and hammered that rock with Ridley to get the Seattle D to be responsible for that later in the game. We should do this (generally speaking) EVERY GAME IN THE FIRST HALF.



    Come on man you know i wasn't talking about Ridley, I was talking about BJGE and Maroney respectively. We didn't run draws from the shotgun with Ridley in because we never do it's always Woodhead the same way it was always BJGE last year...the play calling is terrible the constant subbing is terrible. Honestly and I don't know if you agree but i feel it's got to the point where the team in vital games is out thinking itself the subbing of the running backs for perfect match is one fine example of this. In regards to establishing the run in this game I think it's more a case of the passing game being quite efficient early on and when they turn to the run to kill the game it doesn't work out. The team threw for alot of first down early on whilst the running game was averaging 2 yards a carry. This isn't meant to be insulting merely a question of your opinion, do you think that the Pats should run the ball even if it's ineffective in order to establish the running game even if they could throw the ball and march down the field?

    No, I didn't know what you meant. I also thought maybe you were referring to Woodhead too.

    Regardless, Antowain Smith was no better than BJGE and he's no more gifted than Ridley.

    The point is, we didn't sub in Kevin Faulk just to run shotgun spread plays from 2001-2004. We would just use each a Smith or a Faulk as a lead back, running plays as we would like to run them with balance.

    This is the difference. Now, we sub in a specific skill set from the RB position, telling Ds what we want to do.

    I agree it's over-thinking.  Why are you lecturing me on this when you agree with me?  You're barking up the wrong tree here. I've been on this since LAST year when we had a 21-3 lead in Buffalo, about to go up 24 or 28-3 and Brady is still throwing, staring down people in a shotgun spread.

    You tell me how that makes sense.

    And yes, I think the Pats should run the ball even if it's ineffective, because in the second halves (see last year's Jets game as an example or any win v.s. Baltimore as another example to this), the mere fact you ran makes Brady better, gives McDaniels more options in the playbook and gives the opponent that small little idea that MAYBE, just MAYBE, this could be a run on any given play in the second half.

    If you don't run at all with Brady under center, you also can't use his lethal playaction. The team can keep games close by giving an RB, a lead RB like Ridley and or Bolden (they can be used the same way which is GREAT), say 8-10 carries in the first half ever week (not both, but combined or one or the other).

    Don't sub the RBs on a drive and get Brady under center. I am telling you, we will not lose a game the rest of the year, the D will look much better than people give it credit for, and they're a 2 (at worst 3 seed) seed.


    I'm lecturing you because you pin it all on Brady when I don't believe it's all his fault. I think he constantly puts us in positions to win games which his team mates can't take advantage of. I mean why can we not run the ball still in the 2nd half even though we've thrown on nearly every down in the 1st half surely this will open the running lanes? I had a bad feeling Sunday in fact it's a feeling I get every game in which we don't blow out the opponent, I had it against Denver until we stopped the bleeding! My point is do you not think that if a QB puts 25-30 points on the board at the start of the 4th quarter the game should be over the other players on the team i.e. RB's and defense should be able to preserve it from there and they can't for this team and I don't know why. He put up 23 points against Seattle...that's not the 25-30 point that i stated but it should be enough in this game it was a 2 score game with 7.40 ish on the clock...they didn't even have to win an onside kick to win this game I mean what on earth happened. We've been playing like the raiders in close 4th quarters and it has to stop

    I don't put it all on Brady.  I expect him to be accountable. Some people here don't do that. They act like he was not good in a game and then act like it has no effect on anything else.

    There's a difference. I'll say it again, he was GREAT when he helped win 3 SBS and is very well deserving of the accolades.

    Now, since 2007, really, he got himself GOmer Manning toys, our offense is like the Colts more often than not, which I cannot stand knowing it won't work, and he's worse in the playoffs/against good Ds since he got his toys.  Yet, as Pats fans we like this knowing it won't work?

    It's that simple. I want him to be cognizant of WHY he was a better QB in 2006 for example, throwing to an old Troy Brown and Reche Caldwell with Laura Maroney was a lead back, and why it SHOULD be easier for him now, but he's somehow actually not as good a game manager, decision maker, etc, with far greater talent around him now.

    It's like he can't get through the maze, yet everyone else can see how can he can get through the maze. Frustrating to watch.

    Let me ask you this: What is your reaction when he throws the most mind numbing INTs or is careless with the ball?

    Mine is this: "What are you doing?"

    Pretty simple. It's cut and dried. You're either an intelligent game manager or you're Jay Cutler/Tony Romo.


    Yeah it hurts man to be honest, the superbowl interception this year was the worst of his career bar none. The situation didn't call for such a play it should have been a methodical Brady drive down the field but he went for the dagger and fell on it himself. But that's not an age thing at the end of the day it's not mechanical it's not to do with how fast he can run or how far he can throw the ball. A rash of bad decisions at key times have been detrimental to the team, on the other hand though many of these decisions have come during situations he's been left in by the ability of the players around him the superbowl was an exception, simple terrible by Brady. Seattle have a good D though and i wouldn't exactly call the interceptions on Sunday terrible...just good play from the other side. I agree with most of your points Rusty it's just the way you express them at times tick me off and that's when I call you out! Sometimes it sounds like you're singling out Brady when you simply can't do that for example in this thread you've stated Brady getting sacked is his own fault for throwing the ball so many times. Nate Solder is a professional football player being payed literally millions of dollars to do one thing on this team, now of course nobody's perfect but to get bull rushed like that where you actually knock down your own QB is unnaceptable at any time he's clearly lacking in something whether that be conditioning, ballistic strength, explosive strength or otherwise it needs to be addressed. That's just one example of how someone else affected Brady's play, teams are like watches man...well old watches, lots of gears some bigger than others but they all need to work unison for the watch to work! 

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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

    Alright Babe who said:

    "You had better clear this with PatsEng because he has implied the late crucial drives Brady has been sacked in for all 3 losses were his fault"

    I'll give you a hint scroll up and don't say that implied doesn't mean that you aren't saying I did. You not as cleaver as Clinton so don't try to say, depends on what you mean is the definition of implied




    "In other words, I'm saying you are using a flimsy excuse to try to discount the fact Brady has been sacked in the final crucial drive in all 3 losses"


    on page 5. I would say in the Cards game that last drive was more crucial then the one you pointed out since they needed to FG to win the game and it would have ended the game. That's the last drive of the cards game. The sack you pointed out wasn't on the most crucial drive of the game since it didn't end up affecting the final outcome of the game nor did it even prevent them from scoring on that drive so try again

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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    He is no way shape or form a better QB now than he was then (2006 or before). No way.  He does all the small things WORSE. He used to be the BEST at those things and he forgot how to do them, not coincidentally when he first got his toys in 2007.

    I am speechless that anyone would equate bloated stats in an offensive era to the concept of quality QBing in this league.

    One of the common arguments I see on this board is that Brady no longer throws to the open guy and tries to force the ball too much.  One of the best statistics for whether a QB is making good decisions is what percentage of his throws are intercepted.  While luck might play a role in specific plays/games it is less of a problem when looking at a full season.  It is not a perfect measure, but it is pretty good and we have reliable data. 

    I already pointed out way earlier in this thread that in the almost 4.5 seasons Brady has been QB since 2007 that he has thrown basically the same number of INTs he threw in the 3 seasons we won the SB.  However since people are convinced that the rule changes favoring offenses have somehow altered the picture let's control for that by seeing how Brady compared to other QBs in a given season. 

    In 2001, 2003 and 2004 Brady ranked 13th, 5th and 16th in INT %.  In 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and so far this season Brady ranked 3rd, 8th, 1st, 5th and 2nd.  Heck in 2010 Brady had the lowest single season INT % in NFL history (the only lower mark was by Damon Huard who only started 8 games).  Even controlling for the rule changes Brady has been better at taking care of the ball since 2007 than he was when we won the SBs which I find hard to reconcile with the notion that he no longer throws to the open guy.

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