Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

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    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    He is no way shape or form a better QB now than he was then (2006 or before). No way.  He does all the small things WORSE. He used to be the BEST at those things and he forgot how to do them, not coincidentally when he first got his toys in 2007.

    I am speechless that anyone would equate bloated stats in an offensive era to the concept of quality QBing in this league.

    One of the common arguments I see on this board is that Brady no longer throws to the open guy and tries to force the ball too much.  One of the best statistics for whether a QB is making good decisions is what percentage of his throws are intercepted.  While luck might play a role in specific plays/games it is less of a problem when looking at a full season.  It is not a perfect measure, but it is pretty good and we have reliable data. 

    I already pointed out way earlier in this thread that in the almost 4.5 seasons Brady has been QB since 2007 that he has thrown basically the same number of INTs he threw in the 3 seasons we won the SB.  However since people are convinced that the rule changes favoring offenses have somehow altered the picture let's control for that by seeing how Brady compared to other QBs in a given season. 

    In 2001, 2003 and 2004 Brady ranked 13th, 5th and 16th in INT %.  In 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and so far this season Brady ranked 3rd, 8th, 1st, 5th and 2nd.  Heck in 2010 Brady had the lowest single season INT % in NFL history (the only lower mark was by Damon Huard who only started 8 games).  Even controlling for the rule changes Brady has been better at taking care of the ball since 2007 than he was when we won the SBs which I find hard to reconcile with the notion that he no longer throws to the open guy.

    Those numbers are skewed, however.  It's not the amount of INTs or the rates, it's WHEN he's tosses the INTs.

    Again, all of his weapons since 2007 make the stats look better than appear. When BB says :stats are for losers", this is what means.

    When Brady throws god awful INTs against good Ds in key situations, but he doesn't do it a lot, it's the 1, 2 or 3 games, usually more recently in the postseason since 2007, that it has the effect on winning or not.

    Again, go look at his postseason stats from 2001-2004 and then 2007-2011. That's the comparison, not having loaded wepaonry and then using that to make his stats look better vs inferior defenses.

    My concern is how he plays against good or great Ds.


    I see. It's about the when. And who decides which "when" is bad, you? LMAO

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    Re: Is Brady Clutch? Great Article

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    Brady is still clutch, not so sure about Coaching Staff. When we lose so many games in the 4th Quarter recently, I blame the Coaching, and the Game Plan.

    You see if you dont have the lead, then I'd be worried about Brady.

    Want to elaborate on his 'clutch" performances since the 2005 SB in Jacksonville? How he pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat in, like, playoff games? AFC Championship games? Super Bowls? Even regular season games that actually mean something (ie: vs GOOD teams/division and conference rivals).

    Just what I thought..... No more "Clutch" in Brdy, no matter how much you hope. He's got to start DOING it again, which I sincerely hopes he starts doing right now. Now, the ball's in his court, and he has to prove to me that he's capable and up to the challenge.

    Stop excusing the coaching. If he calls a play and sees the D stacked to it, he needs to audible to another play, even if it defies the coaches. What are they going to do, cut him? trade him? bench him? Especially if it works. As in the real world, I'd rather do something on my own initiative and say why I did it, than to have teh opportunity and NOT do it, and face more time explaining why I didn't.  Maybe not to the coaches, but to the public, who always seem to know more than the coaches, players, refs, ownership, etc.

    Wow is this a real post by a Patriot fan. should I bother pointing out all his clutch performances. Did this fan just start watching the Pats? So beating the Steelers, Ravens, Chargers, Broncos and  Jets repeatedly do not count as clutch victories (I'm not even counting great comebacks either).