another test case and not shocking to members who read his rap sheet pre-draft. there's a reason he wasnt drafted, not smarter than the e chaos, poor judment and mental midget tendencies. enough is enough. keep talib on tabs, for he's likely to be NEXT.... noone is smarter than the room for too long, the majority is often right in the same way most stereotypes are often right. dont care about salary cap hits or alue on the field.. character must b #1 and once again.. we must get back the soul we sold!

i also dont want belichick involved in the process of whether dennard is cut or not.. bottom line the community and brand security senior p should b the one making this decision. pats are bigger than a football team and football ops (the area bb leads)... its time to for kraftie to put his actions where his mouth is!

BTW, can the tebow also play CB?