Is Denver done?

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    Re: Is Denver done?

    I hope Denver is done.  They've still got some tough games left on the schedule: Indy, Philly, NYG, SD. 

    Like i've said this whole time, I still think KC will beat them once (or at least make denver have to pull it out in the last minute or so).  That sounds crazy, but the 'Fins always give the Pats trouble no matter how good/bad either team is. 

    I see them losing 3-4 more games, at least.  If they make the playoffs tho, I'd love to see them come to Foxboro and play a healthy/accurate Tom Brady who won't be overthrowing/underthrowing his wr's in big spots. 

    SD will most likely beat them (I hope).  They would've most likely had Royal not returned a punt and kick back for TD's.  SD's defense is MUCH improved since that first game against Denver and it will show when they travel to Denver.  I hope SD wins the division, just so Denver doesn't.
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    Re: Is Denver done?

    Like all things with momentum as the main means of propulsion they are slowing down.

    I predicted their talent would catch up with them mid season. A few injuries, and the general fact that you can't play perfect every game, which they were for the first 5 games or so, bear down on the other general fact that they don't have dominant players at many positions, and are aged at some very key positions.

    Add it together and es, they are going to have to fight to get in, IMO.

    Although, this team appears to be of a higher character than last year's squad, so I don't forsee another monumental collapse.
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    Re: Is Denver done?

    Not totally done, but the rookie coach is starting to feel some heat.  They will limp into the playoffs but along the way they're going to take some lumps.
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    Re: Is Denver done?

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    In Response to Re: Is Denver done? : Aint happening. I love this thread, no respect for SD at all. I hope NE actually makes the playoffs this year so we can all find out.  
    Posted by jbolted

    Can you enlighten me on what San Diego has done the last decade to EARN anyone's respect? They're the poster team for 'looks good on paper'. Sure they've made the playoffs a lot this decade but how much of that is due to their division being the bottom of the barre? They're under .500 in the playoffs. You want respect start by playing up to your potential.

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