Is elite QB really that important?

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    Re: Is elite QB really that important?

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    Here's why I think it is still important:

    The concept of elite may get thrown around WAY too much and too fast now because the media is tired of complimenting the Manning, Brady, Rodgers types.  That's true.  They're always going to look for the next name they can talk about just so it's new to them to do so.

    But, also, the rule changes have deepened the crop of good QBs in the league, too.  So, if you don't have a solid/decent one who may grow into a good or even great one, you're still in trouble because so many teams will have one now.

    Look at the Jets and Sanchez. They tried your approach and if you aren't talented, you still aren't going to make it even with Goodell's rule changes.

    So, I don't know it "elite" is the need, but abover average and consistent, absolutely.  The Dilfer, Brad Johnson, etc, QBs aren't winning SBs ever again.





    This is pretty much my point.  All you need is a solid guy if you have a solid team.  A guy who may not turn a bad team good but a guy who can just keep a good team good.  You can win with this.  Consistency and decision making is key.  I don't think you need a top 4 guy and having one guarantees nothing. 


    The Jets, though, did the opposite of my approach.  They overrated a guy who wasn't that good, paid him too much and asked him to do things he and the team around him wasn't capable of. 


    Right, but I don't think solid or decent sees a QB lead a team to a SB win.  Flacco was apparently better than expected obviously by the fact Cam Cameron's style was holding the offense back. 


    I could never figure out why people thought Flacco was just decent or average. He does't turn it over a lot, uses his run game, distributes, is accurate enough, has a good arm,

    Kudos to Harbaugh for making that move.  Huge risk, but it worked. Each coach took a major gamble in different ways, but only one looks good doing it.

    In the end, give me stability, no INTs, game management, methodical approach, distribution of the ball, etc.   The elite QB is still a mediator of where the ball goes, to whom and when. That will never change.



    I think the reason Flacco gets looked down on is he doesn't have the eye popping numbers/stats.  Stats mean nothing now, but that's what people like. 

    My thing with Flacco is I think the top third of QBs can do what he does.  I rarely see him make tough throws into tight windows.  Guys are open, sometimes wide open, and he finds them.  I give him a lot of credit for decision making and putting the balls in spots where his WRs can make the plays. 

    It's really not complicated what they do. It's the same thing the Steelers did when they were good.  I think here, NE tries to get too fancy sometimes.  Harder to do which may lead to execution problems in the postseason and the occasional game in the regualr season.

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    Re: Is elite QB really that important?

    Nothing else needs to be said than this.

    Only one time since 1974, unless I missed one, has any team won any superbowl while scoring 17 points or fewer.

    The Giants in 2007

    Pats #1 scoring offense in NFL History in 2007 and still reinging, scored 14 points


    Also in 2011 the Pats had the #3 scoring offense in the league, scored just 17 points

    FAILURE (compounded by the offense turning the ball over multiple times AND spotting the other team points!)

    Only one team since 1999, unless I missed one, has won the AFC title game while scoring 17 points or fewer.

    The 2000 Ravens

    Pats #1 scoring offense in league in 2012, #3 scoring offense in NFL history by a mere 3 points behind Greenbay @ #2, scored 13 points in AFCCG



    Brady is not "the" offense. He might be the most important part but it's the unit as a whole that has Epic failed. That includes the OC's and BB as well(because "everything" ultimately is his responsibility, fair or not).


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    Re: Is elite QB really that important?

    Hey - just about any QB can have an 'Elite' game or two and any 'Elite' QB can have some stinkers. What really earns 'Elite' status is the ability to play generally great over a number of years.

    So is Flaco an Elite QB? I think given his 5 year run he has earned that title. His teams have won a lot more games than say Eli, who is dangerously close to a .500 QB who has lead two wild card teams to SB wins based on the team as a whole and he himself getting hot at the right moment. He may not have beem seen to 'carry his team' the way everyone says TB or PM does, but the idea of any QB actually carrying a team is daft. Someone has to get open, someone has to catch the balls, and someone has to stop the other team from scoring more points than you do. Flaco is certainly doing something right, and this year it became more obvious.

    We all think SB wins are based on great teams, and a few of them might be, but most are flawed teams that get lucky at the right moments. Only one team in history has been undefeated (and don't they let us know it!) every other SB winner has proven over the course of the year to be beatable.