Is Gambling Gambling?

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    Is Gambling Gambling?

    I just heard some rube on KFAN mention the upcoming New England Patriots scratch ticket in a screed against legalized sports books (specifically in Delaware). Apparently the NFL sent lawyers to Delaware to argue against legalizing betting on its games there, while at the same time allowing its league images to be used on the state-run instant ticket games nationwide. Do we like the latest NFL hypocrisy, or are we shocked -- SHOCKED -- by the league's blatant self-interest?

    Or is this much ado about nothing?
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    Re: Is Gambling Gambling?

    Feel free to make your own word association on this one: The NFL is to gambling what boxing is to fists; everyone one bets on the NFL, everyone. That  hot chick in the opposite cubicle that won 15 games in week three knows nothing about football and she plays anyway, every week.  Goodell can't stop it and frankly he shouldn't want to because there's only one reason for a  person to watch Oakland versus Detroit...gambling and money...if it wasn't for gambling he'd be watching an equally entertaining informercial about bladder control.